Zoo Pics Part 1

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  1. We spent Monday, (President's Day Holiday here in the States) at the Phoenix Zoo.

    I brought my A6000 and two lenses, the 50mm SEL and 70-150mm Vivitar. The 50mm was mostly used for the people shots, and the 70-150mm for the animals, but it does vary a bit. I went home with 300+ shots, edited it down to about 100, with about 50 really nice ones.

    So on with the show.

    First the crew. My wife and I and three girls.



    Ridding the Camell, first time for everyone.



    Poor things, what a life that must be.

    Of course you have to get snacks along the way.



    Petting Zoo fun. Again what a life, being chased around all day by a bunch of kids.



    "They keep running away from me"

    And milking the fake cow


    See the next thread for the animals. http://www.talkemount.com/index.php?threads/zoo-pics-there-is-a-lot-part-2.10367/
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    "Camelback" ;)
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