Zeiss 50mm touit for Fuji X usage report (2)

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    May 13, 2013
    After posting some initial impressions the time has come for a second report. I’ve taken about 120 shots with the Zeiss 50mm Touit for some time with the Fuji X-T1 and the lens growing on me.


    In assessing a lens, I am not really into MTF-charts and detailed comparisons (although I read them). Others are better in doing that. My basic criterium is “do I like the lens”. To be a bit more specific:
    is it sharp enough?
    is it responsive enough?
    Is it comfortable to hold and use?
    Does it help convey what I’m trying to capture?
    Does the lens help me avoid (a lot of) PP? Think about color “accuracy”, vignetting, CA, etc.

    Is it sharp enough?
    To me it is. Is it sharper than the Fuji 60mm? I don’t know and right now I do not feel the need to check. Perhaps later when I’ve time to take some shots of watches. These are two examples of its sharpness:


    View attachment 95700

    View attachment 95701

    View attachment 95702

    Is it responsive enough?
    This lens feels better and focuses faster than Fuji’s 60mm. Although the tendency to hunt increases when you get closer to the subject, it’s much less than the Fuji. Manual focusing works great with the X-T1. I did not have problems focusing quickly.

    Is it comfortable to hold and use?
    This aspect surprised me most. The lens is lightweight and is a natural fit with the X-T1. Aperture is firm enough to avoid accidental changes.

    Does it help convey what I am trying to capture?
    To me it does. The color reproduction and tones looks natural, the bokeh is excellent, and object isolation works well. No complaints about micro-contrast either.I haven’t felt the need for faster aperture.




    Occassionally I tested the bokeh with low aperture values. This is an example. I normally woud use f8 or higher for this shot but I wanted to see the result for f2.8:

    Does the lens help me avoid (a lot of ) PP?
    Absolutely! I may apply a VSCO preset or use one of the Fuji color profiles on raw files but that’s enough (for ne) most of the times. I could not find much CA except in this shot

    1:1 crop:
    View attachment 95703

    Some additional shots:

    View attachment 95704

    View attachment 95705



    View attachment 95706



    View attachment 95707

    Thanks for looking!
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    Lovely images, I love me some Zeiss.
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