XE1 + 18-55 nice price on FM

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  1. wt21

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    Aug 15, 2010
    SOMEONE please buy this. I don't want an XE1, but the bargain-grabber instinct is screaming at me.

    I have zero affiliation or knowledge of this seller, but I asked him what his combined price was, and he said $885. Or body only (black XE1) for $500. Yeesh.

    FS: Fuji X-E1 Black with 18-55XF Lens - FM Forums
  2. demiro

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    Dec 15, 2011
    We all seem to marvel at the proliferation of really good cameras that have become available in the previous few years. Now we are starting to see those exceptional cameras being displaced by next gen offerings, and the resultant pricing free fall.

    The original X100 now goes for around $600. The E-M5 is now around that same mark, with the GX7 coming soon and the E-M1 on the horizon pushing it down fast. We'll see more X-E1s like this one, and X-Pros at bargain prices when Fuji announces their successors. The NEX 5N has been a serious bargain for a while now, in the $300 neighborhood.

    On the P&S side, we have the X10 selling for <$300 used, and the LX7 below that mark as well, but for a new camera. The X10 is the victim of the X20, but the LX7 just seems to be caught in too much competition in that segment.

    The list is surely longer than what I've mentioned, with the point being how crazy this hobby has become from an overall value standpoint. Five years ago, when I sort of got "serious", the landscape was about 180 degrees different. You paid pretty big for quality, or you settled for what your budget allowed. Really no need to settle today. Our biggest issue is too many excellent choices. Cue the violins...
  3. Armanius

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    I would like to see some RX1's (that are functional) at $900!