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  1. Hand up all those who, on looking through the OVF, can see a tiny amount of the lens (inc focus ring) in the bottom right corner of the finder?

    If being able to see this with the OVF is a camera fault, please tell me now, because I want it fixed before the warranty expires.
  2. Armanius

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    Out of town w/o X100 this weekend. But I don't recall any lens barrel blockage of the OVF. If it even shows up in the OVF, it's probably minor and I never noticed it.
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    Bill Shinnick
    Itr is not unusual for an OVF to include a small amount of the lens - particularly with the lens adapter on the X100.
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  4. Julien

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    Sue, yes you see the lens through the viewfinder, it's perfectly normal. You know basically the OVF's just a hole, so it's not particularily surprising. But most of the time (and it depends on the way you position your eyes against it) you don't really notice it if you don't think about it.
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  5. Thanks, guys. I actually knew this but theres a fellow in another forum who is trying to tell me that I have a faulty camera. I think he doesnt actually know the difference between the OVF and the EVF. But he's been so damned insistent, I began to doubt myself.

    Thanks again.
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    The holes cut into the accessory lens hood are there to reduce the amount of intrusion into the OVF. Leica rangefinder cameras are the same. As Julien says the brain learns to ignore the intrusion.
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  7. Of course. I do hope this young man with whom I am having the disagreement will be able to understand this. Additionally another person has responded that he too is able to see the lens. The issue is not wther its a problem, but whether it can be seen at all. Perhaps the young man has a brain which excludes it from the outset. But he shouldnt be telling me my camera is faulty.
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