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    My wife works for a company here in Boston that helps other companies become more environmentally friendly. Every March, they have an awards ceremony with full food and open bar at a nice old place (the Marliave) downtown. The past 2 years, they've let me come shoot the photos in exchange for free food and booze. I do my best to exact a hefty fee, but I'm a small guy and I have to "work," so it winds up being 4 good beers and a few 20-yr-old scotches at the end of the night to help clean out the remainder of the bar tab (spend it or lose it). Anywho, last year I brought a borrowed Nikon D70S with the kit zoom. I knew very little about the camera, and found the pictures decent but very grainy with a lot of motion blur. I now realize that was likely due to being zoomed in and having what must've been a "slow" minimum aperture, guessing 3.5 or so, on that kit lens? This year I just brought the X100 and lived without the zoom.

    I found it challenging to get the "award presentation" shots from so far away - I was at a side table at the front, and would have to crane my arm out over people each time. Also it's a pretty dark room, so it was all ISO 3200 and almost all f2, all night, eventually getting to ISO 5000 in the even darker bar area. But what I LOVED was the candids - that camera was made for it. It annihilated the Nikon in that regard - people barely noticed it, nobody clammed up and got shy, it was much faster so there was less blur, and the colors were as good as can be expected.

    All shots here are shrunken, and everything was (as usual for me) SOOC jpg's, sometimes cropped or with mids tweaked afterwards but basically this is what the camera gave me.

    Conclusion: My sweet dear lord what I wouldn't have done to miracle my beloved-but-limited X100 into an XE-1 with a 28 and 85 equivalent lenses that would pull f1.4. Oi... What COULDN'T you do with that setup... Anyway here are a few from the X100.





    This is actually me and a friend who works for one of the guest companies there. Pose was his idea, after many scotches.


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