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    Aug 3, 2013
    Hi All, I am pretty new to photography in the sense that the camera I want to purchase would be my first step up from lower end point and shoot. I originally had considered getting a ILC camera but after some thought I dont know that what I would be using the camera for (street, general family shots, travel camera) would make an ILC even necessary. So after much research I have just fallen in love (and I havent even shot with one) the fuji x series. Seems like they will give me all that Im looking for with the options to learn the ins and outs of all the settings taking it beyond my old point and shoot. I had planned on getting an x20 (would love an x100s but out my budget) but after seeing shots from the x10 I was really impressed. So for someone like me starting from scratch would I be better suited to save up the extra money for the x20? Or would it a better option to save some money and get the x10? Would love to have a camera i can grow with, any thoughts? thanks for any opinions!
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    well ive had both and i'll give you my opinion: just starting out, you will be much happier with the x10 jpegs straight out of the camera. they are excellent and need virtually no tinkering, and thus offer a lot of positive feedback. if the results arent good, its not the camera!

    the x20 does offer one advantage for a newcomer in that it shows exposure information (aperture setting and shutter speed), as well as confirm autofocus (via a green light) in the viewfinder. the x10 provides no info in the vf at all, though that info is readily available on the lcd.

    the x20 does focus a little faster than the x10, but its out of camera jpegs are disappointing, and i dont think will just put that smile on your face upon download.
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    May 13, 2013
    Hi and welcome!

    Let me share my two cents based on my experience with both cameras (I actually too similar shots and compared them) and a discussion with a friend who faced a similar issue.

    When you are happy with jpeg-shooting, don't print anything bigger than A4/letter, and rather save the money, go with the X10. You'll be happy with the results. The X10 shines when you use it in 6MP mode and a higher Dynamic Range mode. For example, shooting a bright sky with clouds looks great in 6MP/DR400 but looks awful in 12MP/DR100 mode.

    When you don't mind shooting raw, believe that the additional features are worth the extra money, and want to grow with the camera, go X20.

    W.r.t raw-processing: that is easy if you use a program like Lightroom. Shoot raw_jpeg (see Rico's articles). Use a standard import preset (I can share mine and I'm sure people are willing to share theirs) and you're basically done. Check if you like it and export to jpeg. Lightroom is then your library. Aperture supports the X20 too.

    w.r.t. features: the info displayed in the OVF has been mentioned already. The feature I find even more important is that the X20 makes it much easier to the change the AF-point.

    w.r.t. jpeg mode in X20: Personally I've never experienced the jpeg problems that other people talk about. My wife uses the X20 now in jpeg-mode (she wants to stay away from raw from now) and the results are excellent. I don't know the jpeg settings by heart but I can check, if you want.

    The results of the discussion with my friend? He has the X10 and I the X20. ;-)

    Hopefully this helps. My apologies if I did too many shortcuts.

    Good luck with the decision process. I am looking forward to seeing your photos.

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    Aug 4, 2013
    I too am in the same decision process. I want to upgrade my carry around camera to supplement my DSLR's. I have a Samsung TL500, and like the camera, except it needs a viewfinder. The high ISO shots could be better. I am an old school film guy and grew up shooting Leica rangefinders. So lack of info and whatnot in the finder is not a big deal. So without spending a ton of cash, I am looking at the X10. The X20 seems a little too pricey and the benefit is questionable. <$400 seems like a deal for a great camera. Does the 2.0 firm ware in the X10 speed it up and help with some of he early issues?


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    Jul 6, 2013
    My thinking would be if I just wanted to try it out I'd go for an X10. If I planned on it possibly becoming a camera I'd have for the next year or two, then I'd go with the X20. Both can be had for a reasonable price and I can't imagine the X20 being worse off than the X10. Besides unless you had both and decided to compare them you wouldn't notice anyway. Extra features are always nice even if you don't originally plan on using them.

    FYI I owned neither the X10 or X20, this is just how I would approach the same situation. Maybe pickup a used X10 and upgrade to X20 if you feel the need?
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    Dec 25, 2012
    Looks like $$ is a determining factor in your decision making process & for some of us here, that extra $300 dollars or so is a LOT of money...
    Question is, do you need the latest?
  8. Welcome to the forum! I recently purchased an X20 and am really enjoying it. The OVF was the "clincher" for me with the projected focus area.
    I tend to agree with Peter in that I too have not seen the issues with X20 JPEGS that other have experienced. Absolutely no idea why here. If you are considering shooting in RAW the X20 is fine for that route too.
    Yes, X10s are going for a really good price right now. An excellent deal.
    The other thread Biro mentioned is a good read. Check it out.
    Good luck in your selection. I look forward to your first image posts.
    . . . David