X10 Battery Question!

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  1. my battery charged the first few times perfect, however now when I insert it in the charger it flashes green.. fault mode.. has anyone else had this problem? will it correct itself if I run it totally dead and try to re-charge? :confused:
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    I'm sorry MrDoug, I don't know what to say about this. If you put in in your camera how much of a charge does it show?
  3. It shows 1/2.. I was going to run it all the way down but I'm out in the sticks in Motorhome and have no access to a store where I can buy a new one for at least a week.. so kinda want to save it as much as possible!
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    Is it the battery in question the original which came with the camera?

    Running a lithium ion cell down all the way ought not fix anything.

    Do you have access to a digital multi-meter? if so, measure the open circuit voltage across the terminals. A fully charged cell (the NP-40 "battery" is actually a single lithium-ion cell so technically is a cell, not a battery) will be somewhere around 4.15 - 4.18V when fully charged. Probably the camera will not leave the cell discharged more than 3.5 - 3.6 (measured at rest, not straight out of using the camera). I say probably because I'd have to examine the camera to know for certain. The nominal voltage of 3.7V on the cell is not the fully charged voltage, by the way.

    If you have a meter, check it (be careful not to short the cell - that is very dangerous) and let me know what the reading says. If unsure, don't do it.
  5. Yes, original battery.. I will check Voltage when possible.. currently works in Camera but unable to charge seems strange...
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    No idea, but get a few extra - they're quite inexpensive and I need at least two for a full day of shooting with this cam so far. I have three and have never QUITE needed the third but was right at the end of the second at the end of the day once...

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    Same here with the X10 I have, three, can almost run through two, the 3rd is insurance.
    the X10 has a small battery, most others I just keep two
  8. Problem Solved.. I went to Radio Shack today.. 50 miles away.. bought a new Battery.. plugged it in and it charged fine with Generator running.... I think what happened was I had my Original Battery plugged into to power outlet in the Motorhome without Generator running ... and when I started my 7.5K AC generator maybe a power surge fried it... that would be my guess.. so all is well.. learning.. oh well.. but thanks for the suggestions and help..
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    Good to know, Doug. Here's to Radio Shack, eh?:wink:
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    Doug, it sounds like you need to invest in surge protection on that generator or in the motorhome. Could have been a more expensive electronic gizmo that was fried...
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    Was brand was the radio shack? Was it a good price? I'm glad you got this fixed. Nothing worse than being on vacation with a dead camera.
  12. the brand is DE.. Digital Energy.. paid $39.. had to do it..
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    An UPS solves such problems - a few years back a friend of a friend went exploring Antartica aboard the meanest conventional icebreaker there is, and all these scientists had major problems with their computers, each time the Oden (English: Wotan) used its bow thrusters, or engine starters (those main diesels are really mean)! If you have dicey main supply, use an UPS!
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