X-T1 GAS attack

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Susan Sande, May 14, 2015.

  1. I'd held off as long as possible. But when my son showed up at Mothers Day lunch with a new camera (Sony NEX-7/18-55) I lasted until 12:59am on Wednesday before pushing the button on an X-T1 at B&H. If I'd waited one more minute it wouldn't arrive until after the weekend. I did a lot of churning over 18-55mm vs 18-135mm and in the end went with the 18-55. X100s is boxed up and on Ebay along with a Canon lens that I rarely use. Can't wait to try out the X-T1 on my Saturday road and wildflower hiking trip!
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    18-55 vs 18-135 is a tough one, and honestly now I think I could be very happy with either. the 18-55 sure is smaller and lighter, and the extra stop is always nice. Have a look at the 35 1.4 if you're thinking of a prime next. Can't beat it for price-to-wow factor.
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    That 18-55/2.-4 is a hidden gem in the X-system. Enjoy!
  4. I went with the 18-55 due to the extra stop (and lesser cost - cough cough). I will go look at the 35 1.4!!!
  5. Can anyone recommend an EOS to X adapter? (one that you've actually used) I do have a number of primes from my Canon system. A couple of 50's, the 24 pancake, an Osawa 28 (I have no idea where I got this and if I've ever tried to mount it to anything!!!) and I think one other.
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    Make sure your lens is updated to the latest firmware!

    I also look forward to the X-T1 4.00 Firmware
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    I hope that your son doesn't drive up in a new car anytime soon then!
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  8. He already did that.... When the Prius V's were announced I wanted that as my next auto but production was slow, then halted due to the Japan earthquake tsunami disasters closing the manufacturing and parts plants for quite a while. Ended up buying a Toyota Rav4 instead. So what did my son and DIL buy last summer? A Prius V in the charcoal color I would have bought it in!!!!
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  9. X-T1 quick first impressions
    1. I have very small hands and the ergonomics of the X-T1 fit better than the X100s ever did. The placement and size of the grips are perfect for me!
    2. Haven't used the LCD screen yet. I was able to dial in the EVF diopter I needed for my right eye and have been using it exclusively. With the X100s I was about 50/50 between the OVF and LCD. Using the EVF gives me a steadier hand. I did not find the EVF image grainy in low light like some reviewers have noted. But it could just be my crummy eyesight... Long eyecup arrives today, hopefully long enough to keep my noseprints off the screen. I did manage to mis-frame what would have been a fun shot of a tavern sign in my haste Saturday but I'm not going to make the 300 mile round trip again any time soon to re-take it.
    3. Yes dang it all it feels heavy after the X100s but that just means I need to jettison something from my ultralight hiking equipment to make up for it.
    4. I think the F2.8-4 is going to be a winner. Took a few inside a darken restaurant photos plus a few of a very bright white stained glass window and the dark portions of the room held fine.
    5. I was brought up in a Fuji film using family (including FujiChrome) so even though I now have the Classic Chrome option I haven't done much with it yet!! Is the Classic Chrome supposed to be FujiChrome or Kodachrome looking?
    6. I'll be doing the lens and body firmware upgrades this evening.
    7. I miss my soft release button.
    I was able to sell my X100s and a Canon lens on ebay within 20 hours of each other so my X-T1 is paid for. Hooray!
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  10. val

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    Dec 27, 2013
    I would get a third party grip for the X-T1. The E-M1/GH4 grips are definitely more comfortable and it is the one thing I would love Fujifilm to add as a first party option.
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    hope about sharing some photos Susan
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    Yep - Classic Chrome is meant to mimic Kodachrome. And the long eye cup will help, but I still hit my nose on the LCD.
  13. You mean photos beyond cat, dog, flowers, and plants in my yard so far? I am waiting for good atmospheric conditions to take my classic (to me at least) Rattlesnake Mountain shots. I've taken probably 50 shots, all tests, none remarkable enough for here...though I can post if you want!!
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    All I take is cat, dog, flower shots....LOL. Bring 'em on! Here's a couple "test" shots from my recently purchased X-T1. I shot these with an old lens so don't blame the Fuji if you think the images are a bit soft. f1.4 on the Super Takumar is not meant to be like f1.4 on the modern Fujinon lenses. :biggrin:

    17677281339_d3f225971c_c.jpg Lucy by Luke, on Flickr

    17675743588_e941c73f9b_c.jpg Kiki by Luke, on Flickr
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  15. Ok. Having a brain fart though on what format the URL grab needs to be to upload from Flickr. (or is it because I have them marked as private - must go change that anyway...)
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    click on the share arrow, and then grab the BBcode. You can share images whether public or private.
  17. 17174528394_b48b6fa242.jpg
    Happy with Macro

    The mis-framed shot...

    I love food photography (and food)

    Image holds well in contrasting lighting conditions.

    This one too!!

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  18. My Fotasy EOS-FX adapter arrived yesterday. Haven't had too much time to play but will report that the adapter is a fantastic fit on both ends - both to my X-T1 and to my Canon EOS lenses. And the place I ordered from was fantastic too. It and a few other doo-dads I ordered from came extremely quick, even with the company being on opposite coast and included free shipping. It appears that I can leave my menu setting on "no lens" and the camera is smart enough to know when there is an FX lens on it (duh, of course) and when there is no electrical contact (no lens/no FX lens). Time to go unbury my EOS pancake!