X-Pro2 settings reset issue

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Lightmancer, Mar 6, 2016.

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    Some people are reporting a problem with their new X-Pro 2s. It manifests itself in a loss of settings. There is a lot of speculation about the cause, ranging from battery issue to firmware bug but at time of writing there are insufficient reliable and consistent data points to be sure.

    Symptoms are:

    - A loss of configuration settings
    - Time and date, and custom settings appear unaffected
    - Most reports refer to a single instance straight out of the box but some report 2 or 3 instances

    I've seen such behaviour before, particularly with Ricoh GXR bodies. My theory is that what we are seeing here is a variation of the same problem (but see below). Cameras contain a small capacitor that charges up from the main battery and provides just enough power for the camera to "remember" configuration settings when the main battery is removed. It takes time to charge that capacitor. This looks like a failure to charge quickly enough. We are all doing the same thing at the moment - unboxing the camera, slamming the (or a) battery in, and pressing buttons like a demented gamer on Red Bull, setting the config before heading out to shoot with our new shiny thing.

    The odd thing about all this is that not all settings are forgotten. I can think of three potential reasons for this - two capacitors (unlikely), certain data stored in a different (non-volatile) memory (possible) and a firmware fault, or bug (possible). All we know at the moment are the symptoms not the cause. I don't doubt that Fuji already has people looking at this but I cannot help but wonder why it was not picked up by the beta testers. I can only speculate that the cameras in the beta programme were either powered up before they left the factory, or that it is indeed a firmware wibble (technical term...) introduced at the last minute into the production run.

    If it is a slow-charging capacitor it will sort itself - time will tell. If a firmware bug, a release will sort it so either way I am not unduly concerned.

    Has it happened to me? Yes. I put in a spare battery first of all, because I was too impatient to wait for the one in the box to charge. I spent about an hour tweaking config, took about a dozen shots then removed the battery and left it on charge overnight, and the camera without power. The next morning, my settings had gone except, as seems consistent, the time, date and custom settings. Last night (night 2), I left in a fully charged battery and this morning everything was fine.

    What to do:

    - In the words of the inimitable Douglas Adams, DON'T PANIC!
    - Leave it in the camera, with at least some charge in it, for at least 24 hours
    - When you recharge for the first time, swop in another fully charged battery, or minimise the time that the camera is without power

    I'm not guaranteeing this will prevent the problem, but they are sensible precautions to take.

    Above all, I think you should REPORT THE PROBLEM TO YOUR LOCAL FUJI CUSTOMER SERVICE. There will be a link on the Fuji website. At this time the more datum points that can be provided to Fuji the better, and the more they will have to go on to assist in root cause analysis. Be factual, and clear, and provide as much information as you can.

    In summary, it's frustrating, but it is not the end of the world; ignore the Chicken Littles who are rushing about claiming thet the sky is falling and console yourself with the knowledge that Fuji is a communicative, responsive company committed to customer service and will acknowledge and resolve this as quickly as possible. In other words, cheer up, at least it's not a Sony or Leica...
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    Thanks, Bill. It's funny, I experienced something like this on my "new" Ricoh GXR body this week. I lost my date and time selections after powering off the camera, removing one lensor module, installing another and powering back on. I'm sure this camera hasn't had any power for a few years. I suspect your theory about the capacitor is correct.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    Seems to me I've experienced this on a number of new cameras over the years. It might happen once or twice before the internal memory was really set or before the little internal battery was sufficiently charged or something. A pain in the butt, for sure, but never turned into anything bigger. That said, Fuji's had more than it's share of QC issues over the years, so it's not totally surprising that new owners are a bit gun-shy and ready to over-react. But most of them are ultimately resolved and the cameras go on to have good long lives...

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    Not half so much as Leica... ;)
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    I bought a few refurb E-PM1 bodies when they were giving theses things away for $150. They were notorious for not holding date and time when you changed batteries. I still have one that never got better. Some cameras are just timeless. :doh:
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