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  1. I have downloaded some images from my a7R ll into Play Memories but I cannot seem to do anything else with them. I guess I would like to export them into Photoshop Elements, but this is where I am lacking in knowledge. As I mentioned, I am, as far as digital processes are concerned, very much a digital Neanderthal. Any help in this matter greatly appreciated folks
  2. I don't even know what PLay Memories is, but given that you're using a Sony, I'm going to assume Sony proprietary software. If thats so, then yes probably use something else. Are you not able to simply download the shots and then tell Elements organiser where to find them? I hate that, myself: Organiser that is. Lightroom is a much better tool for cataloging.
  3. Play Memories is supplied for Sony Alpha cameras free and is part of Play Station Sony kyteflyer and as I mentioned above, consensus of canvassed opinion suggests that it appears to be a very light program. Capture Ten Pro would seem to be the program of choice, and Capture Ten Express is the free , light version of that which I have now installed. I will let the group know my findings once I have had chance to understand and run it

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    I just bought a small Sony HX-80 and it came with PlayMemories. It's just more overhead than it's worth to change my workflow - there's nothing in the software Sony supplies that does a better job than what I do now - which is take the card out of the camera, put it in my reader, then use my preferred reader software to get the photos off the card and into my editing flow. The PlayMemories application didn't even recognize the videos I had taken on the camera. Sony makes great hardware, but like most manufacturers, they shouldn't be in the software business without serious outside help.
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    We just bought the Hx80. Nice photos but we didn't bother to download the Sony software because everything goes fine with Apple Photos and Picktorial. I wil make some presets in Picktorial so that the workflow will be fast and easy (don't like to sit long for the computer)
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    I use PlayMemories on my iPad for a quick look at photos from the a6000. It works very nicely and it's so much more reliable than the Panasonic app was for just downloading images from the camera by wifi. That's all I do with it, mind you. I have Lightroom on my Mac and that is my default for importing from SD Cards. I have Capture 10 Express too - lots of people swear by it but I can't see much difference in the raw file conversion vs Lightroom to be honest.