Why you can't replace your computer with an iPad

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  1. Lesson learned!

    I'm selling my MacBook Pro (I'm going to get a Mini with the proceeds). I don't need mobility much and if I do, the the iPad is enough. However, I have to prep the MBP for sale, and that means cloning the drive, making a Time Machine copy, and so forth... thats fine. Then you get to restoring the original OS... thats fine too.. Its all progressing really well in another room and then in the midst of using the iPad with its lovely little keyboard, Apple sends you a msg that theres an update. You go into settings and see that the update is only 17mb, whereas doing it in iTunes will mean a much larger download. What could possibly go wrong? Bear in mind that by now, I do not have a functioning computer, just one in the throes of restore...

    So, after having already downloaded the update in the background (which is apparently what it does) I decide to allow the update to go ahead... installing, configuring, I wander off to make coffee... and then, when I get back to the iPad... I see the dreaded "Connect to iTunes" message. NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I HAVE NO ITUNES!!!! Its all in a backup. Maybe if I switch off, then on again, it will bring back the previous version... NOOOOOOOOO!!!

    Panic stations by now. I have become completely incapable of rational thought. I try to resurrect the old netbook (nope, USB ports are still dead, no joy there). I try plugging in to itunes in the newly restored MBP (nope, iTunes is too old, the server it used to use doesnt exist). O GOD! I am royally stuffed! I start fossicking about for my 10.8 DVD to just put it back on and start over... and grab the iTunes backup from Time Machine...

    And then, after about an hour of fussing and being anxious, and hot under the collar, and cranky, and shouting at the cat... I suddenly remember WHY I cloned the drive. I suddenly remember that I can boot from that drive, do what I need to, and get along with completing the prep of the MBP.

    The lesson? If something happens to your iPad and you don't have your iTunes up to date, and your backups (encrypted... its easier) up to date... theres not a damn thing you can do about it.

    Sometimes, I wonder where my brain went.
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    go apologize to Tom. He's still trying to figure out why you were shouting at him.:biggrin:

    Glad you got your stuff straight. I hate computers.
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    Perhaps the Luddites have it right, after all.

    Poor Tom. Hope you gave him a good snuggle after the disaster was averted.
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    poor Sue, sorta how I felt when my Desktop refused to boot
    hug Tommy!
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    Wow! The iPad that I am using now has never been connected to iTunes. My old Windows computer does not have iTunes installed. I wonder what I would do if I got that message?

    Edit: I call my son-in-law the computer guy right?
  6. LOL everyone. Tom hid from me. He's OK now. The restore went well and because I was keeping encrypted backups in iTunes, the restore I was forced to do (because even Tiny Umbrella couldnt kick it out of recovery) was easy enough, and everything was back working in no time.

    Not only that, the fellow who bought the MBP had sent the money through on Sunday night... I didnt expect it to land in my account much before Thursday, but it was there by 3pm yesterday (being Monday) so there was just enough time to go to the Post Office and send the MBP to Perth, and to get to Apple to buy that Mini. Restored the Mini from my Time Machine backup and now, everything is as it was before all this began. (except I have tons more space on my desk, and a more flexible machine for the desktop. Next, upgrade RAM and HD - I only have 4Gb and 500Gb)

    @wrangler: you will need an itunes if that happens to you. I dont think calling "the computer guy" will help if he is not au fait with the ways of Apple, iTunes and iOS devices. I would strongly suggest you install iTunes right away, and do a proper encrypted backup of your iPad so that if it *does* happen, you have an immediate solution.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    You have to go through all that to "become completely incapable of rational thought"? That's my natural state of being. Its easier if you don't have to go through all of that to get into this state of irrational bliss! :biggrin:

  8. LOL! RAY! No, I confess that I am often in that state. But blissful, on this occasion, it was not. :)
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    I hooked up with iTunes and backed up my machine. Thanks for the kick in the pants that I needed to take care of this.

    I had an early iPod touch that had to have the os reinstalled a couple of times. I should have known better, but just didn't think through the ramifications.
  10. Glad to have been of some use. I will never attempt an OTA update again
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    I have no idea what an OTA update is, so I don't know what to beware of.
  12. "Over The Air" update. Normally when you update with iTunes, you have to download the entire .ipsw bundle (wel, iTunes will do that, you dont choose it yourself). when its OTA, the system thinks it knows what you need and so the download is a lot smaller. For example, the other day, mine was only 17Mb. However it has become clear that the system didnt know squat, because I was left with an unusable iPad until I was able to connect to itunes, do a full restore/update and restore from backup. So, in future, I will update via iTunes.
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    Thank you so much, Sue. I'm really a bit of a Luddite, and only switched from film to digital because of film and processing costs.
  14. My pleasure. and, anytime you have a Q, don't hesitate, ya know?