Why no love for the XZ-2, it is a great camera!

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by Gary1, Apr 19, 2014.

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    I just upgraded my Canon G12 after 4yrs to the XZ-2 and ‘I’ think it is one of the (if not) the best P&S’s ever made! I got it for $299 two weeks ago with 4 free accessories at which I felt was a very fare price. The G12 was a very nice camera, but I felt after MUCH research, the IQ, handling, controls, touch screen, etc… was something worth the upgrade. Some of the reasons (but not all) were:

    Seems it beats all of its competitors in almost all categories, the lens/sensor combo are great.

    It is very highly rated on ALL review sites and in forums, people seem to like it a lot.

    And it is much smaller than most full featured compacts.

    Just compare the IQ to any P&S in it's price range and see for yourself what I am talking about.

    I also considered the Olympus Stylus 1, Canon G1X/MkII, Sony RX100, etc… but in the end, I chose the XZ-2 for my shooting needs. The reason for this post is to find out why you chose the XZ-2 over other P&S’s and to get any tips & tricks, setting preferences and feedback you may have, such as:

    1. What camera you had before upgrading to the XZ-2 and why you upgraded to it.

    2. What features/options/setting you like and how you use them. (most important to me)

    3. What you feel the pros and cons are with the XZ-2.

    4. What shooting mode you use most and why.

    5. Does anyone think shooting RAW vs JPEG really increases IQ/sharpness and why?

    Also, if you care to post any images you have taken that you are proud of, that would be great! Thanks and hope to hear from you as a very happy XZ-2 owner.

    PS, I was also looking at the rumored Nikon P8000 and Canon G17 but not sure if they will ever materialize and I just could not wait that long. I hope Olympus and Fuji have 1" sensor cameras in the pipe line too. Hopefully by this time next year there will be 3-4 more 1" sensor cameras to choose from and take fixed lens cameras to an even higher level than they are now
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    This subject has been dealt with at length in another thread on this site:


    However, perhaps the fact that the price of the XZ-2 has now dropped below $300 may help. No one doubts that the XZ-2 is a good camera. But, given it's price until recently, it was hard for the little Oly to compete against the Sony RX100 with its larger sensor (for those prepared to pay the price of that camera) and the Panasonic LX7 with its faster lens (for those unwilling or unable to pay the price of the RX100). The LX7 is priced above $300 as I type this. But the price has dropped well below $300 several times over the past year.
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    As I said in the prior thread, before it got locked, my only issue with the XZ-2 was that I wish it was smaller and lighter, like the XZ-10. Which is why I bought an XZ-10 during the last Olympus refurb sale, and not an XZ-2.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    I never found the IQ of the XZ2 to be notably different than other cameras with the same basic 1/1.7" sensor. There may be some difference in jpegs buts that's usually a matter of taste rather than any quantifiable "better". At which point the differences mostly come down to features and tradeoffs. I personally preferred the LX7 to the XZ2 - it had a notably faster lens (with a bit less reach at the long end), a multi-aspect sensor, and to me the best interface of any of these small cameras. The G15 stacked up well also. And, of course, the size of the RX100 and it's clearly superior sensor makes a compelling case for it at now only aa slightly higher price. As does the in-between sensor on the X20 and it's own operational / interface lens speed choices.

    I liked the XZ2. I personally liked the LX7 and X20 more, and the RX100 and G15 less, but that's purely a matter of personal preference. I just find it hard to claim any special level of objectively "better" for any of these small sensor cameras over another... I think you can start to do that with the larger sensor X20 and RX100, but even with those there are clear differences and tradeoffs that make them less good for plenty of users.

    When I looked at these competing models, the LX7 was regularly selling for $300 or less while the XZ2 and G15 were selling for $450-500 and neither the XZ2 or G15 were seriously in the game for me. At comparable prices, the XZ2 would have been, but I'd have personally still preferred the various tradeoffs of the LX7. But that doesn't make it better either, just better for me... And, if course, now there are even smaller models for Oly, Pany, and Fuji to consider for those who prioritize pocket ability over competing factors - those didn't exist when I was looking at the options.

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    i agree gary. the xz2 has a particular feature set whose combination of fast long tele, articulating touch fire focus screen and pocketability is not offered by any other camera. sometimes the better product just doesnt win out--think betamax vs vhs! enjoy it!
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    The XZ-1 was a crowd favorite because it as the best around. The XZ-2 but the RX100 stole all the thunder.
  7. XZ-1 sensor was different. 1/1.63 so marginally larger than the 2, and not CMOS, it was CCD and I just love CCD sensors. Thats why I've hung onto my XZ and GRD3. I occasionally look at the XZ-2 but I don't think I would gain much by getting it. Perhaps if the 1 dies.
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    Thanks Biro for the link, I think I may have something to do with that thread being locked. I was trying to explain something to "dougjgreen", but for some reason, he was just not able to understand and got hostile. That is why I started this thread since I find very little written about such a great P&S. I was able to take about 200 pictures this weekend to get the hang of it, so far it was well worth the upgrade IMHO. This weekend I will check out the RAW vs JPEG images to see 'IF' it is worth the time and effort RAW gives me. Does anyone have any suggestions on what software to use in the RAW conversion? I have Olympus Viewer 3 but think using my CS3 may work better, not sure yet. I rarely used RAW on my G12 and only saw about a 3-5% increase in IQ, if that. I guess I will will find out what it does for the XZ-2 soon.
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    Gary1, keep in mind that threads or posts that ask others to validate the choice of a particular piece of gear never seem to go well.

    This thread asks for shooting tips and the like, which I think is a great discussion starter, but weaves that around asking for what amounts to arguments in defense of the XZ-2. By most all accounts it is a fine camera and needs no defense. And even if no one else likes it but you it still needs no defense.

    I just started using an NEX-6. Not a hot camera at the moment. Anyone buying a Sony ILC is either going with the A6000 or A7. But what the hell do I care? I like the 6 and am having fun using it. All that matters.
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    My recollection was that multiple posters, including you, Gary1 got hostile with ME for simply stating that the XZ-2 did not meet my personal needs, because it was neither as pocketable as the XZ-10, nor as versatile as my E-PL5 with interchangeable lenses. And I did reply in the exact same spirit with which my initial post was challenged - and for that I do apologize. But there is no reason to either re-write history nor to re-hash that discussion. Suffice it to say that, for someone looking for a single non-interchangeable lens camera to meet their needs, the XZ-2 is a fine choice. But that's not what I personally was looking for - I was looking for a camera to specifically fill the niche of easily fitting in my pocket on those occasions when I did not wish to take my interchangeable lens camera with multiple lenses out to shoot. And for that specific use of mine, I felt that the XZ-10 served it better, strictly because it was notably smaller than the XZ-2.
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    I like my XZ1 and wouldn't mind an XZ2 if I found one at a good price. I think the MSRP is too high and even the common street price is more than I will give.
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    How much are you willing to spend, what do you think it is worth? I picked one up at B&H for $299 and got about $50 of free accessories. I see it is back up to $599 right now, that's crazy! It's only $291.89 & FREE Shipping on Amazon right now.
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  15. [whine] Olympus Australia never has these sales [/whine]
    I think I may next time buy second hand from B&H.
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    Let's all be serene about using the XA-2

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  17. XA-2? Thats not Olympus, Lawrence.
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    Sure it is, an old film camera that followed the great old XA, but I meant the XZ-2.

    At the moment I have both the XZ-2 and XA-2, but I only use the XZ-2 and the original XA, a real rangefinder. Some of the best and most brilliant 35mm compact film cameras made.

    Anyway the shot of the Buddha shrine in my room was made with the wonderful XZ-2 of this thread. XA-2 was a typo, but there really truly is such a beast from Olympus, one of the designs of the great Yoshihisa Maitani.
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  19. Its a shame then that Fuji could not use a different naming system. I thought you were using their stuff. Glad its the XZ :)