Which PEN has the sharpest, most detailed IQ?

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    Dec 21, 2011
    Is it conceivable that the lowly E-PL1 delivers the sharpest and most detailed images of all the PENS?
    To my eyes the camparometer at
    Imaging Resource "Comparometer" ™ Digital Camera Image Comparison Page
    shows the E-PL1 delivers a slightly more detailed image than the E-PM1 or E-P3:

    Likewise the studio comparison feature at dpreview
    Studio shot comparison: Digital Photography Review
    shows the E-PL1 delivers a more detailed image
    than the E-PM1 and E-P3 and also very slightly more
    detailed than the E-PL3:

    Curious that the E-PL3 did better than the E-P3 and E-PM1 considering these three PENS were all supposed to have identical IQ.
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  2. Without looking at the pics, you could well be right. I have the E-P1 and E-P3. While the IQ of the E-P3 seems better than the E-P1 at lower ISO (up to 1600) the E-P3 goes down-hill much faster at higher ISO and once you get beyond the native ISO range and into the extended range (extended starts at 3200 in the E-P3) it is a real mess, especially is you get the exposure a little bit off or you need to lift shadow detail.

    It is always about compromise. The other area where the E-P1 out performs the E-P3 is with white balance accuracy with long exposurse. My E-P1 is excellent, the E-P3 is just plain terrible when exposures start going beyond 15 seconds.

    Overall, the E-P3 is still a winner, flaws and all.
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