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    Stephen Noel
    Some thoughts:
    ...after SIJ.
    I did not do one every day, but did follow along as you all did. Some very nice work indeed!
    No more SIJ for me. Weather!
    Maybe a SI May/June, would be Better (for me). Spring/Fall most places in the world?
    Maybe a single image for each week, if every day is too stressful?
    No limits on gear.
    Some 'gear talk' permitted and encouraged, as to how the current combination is helping/hindering your quest for the best that YOU can produce.
    Some, 'how I got that picture', can be helpful to others.
    Work toward your best pictures, not limited by self imposed handicaps. Let the visions in your imaginations and creativity drive the ambitions needed to create that memorable image, worthy of occupying that special place, on YOUR wall.
    Not expected to 'click' a 'like', etc. for every image. Let's be honest. If you don't like an image, don't say so. And, no need to comment unless you really want to, as a means to encourage the photographer/friend. Lets be one for all and all for one. It's not a contest! It's a growing together, at different levels for each as "individuals'.
    This place is here to be a place of sharing the joys and challenges of this medium.
    Any more thoughts?
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    Dec 29, 2013
    I agree with most of your suggestions and observations:

    Yes, a different time of year with more opportunities for more people would be nice - less dependance on the weather would be helpful in general, I think.

    I'm also fully with you when it comes to lift the limitations - as useful as I found the SiJ as a "GAS killer" the first time I did it, and as much as I managed to identify with the idea over the past couple of instances, it's not what makes me enjoy it the most. I admit that I felt sort of proud about the fact that this year, I actually stayed away from my other gear except for two assignments that demanded use of my main kit, but I also felt locked in a couple of times, and I know I could have done some of the shots better if I could have chosen the appropriate gear. So, as long as it's self-imposed, I'd accept any restriction someone wants to set for themselves, but I'd never expect them to keep it up if it holds them back. Limitations can boost your creativity, but suffering shouldn't be part of the experience.

    Something I'd rather like to keep, though, is the steady flow of images; again, it's not something I'd like to enforce, but I'd definitely like to encourage it. If shooting and posting is definitely too demanding for some who'd love to join in otherwise, there's nothing that should prevent them from doing so. We could set up a "lowest acceptable pace" for everyone - and if that's one image a week, I'm fine with that. But I enjoyed looking at the images every day - it was inspiring in many ways, and it definitely made me experiment and not accept some of my more boring ideas for an image if something else was available/doable with just that little bit of extra effort.

    That said, I think your idea of striving to post images one would want to keep (i.e. print, frame and put on the wall) is very intriguing. But I doubt that I for one would be able to fulfill that expectation at *any* pace. Sometimes, I take a couple of images I love in just one day, sometimes, I have to wait for a couple of months. I want to be allowed to try and fail during the challenge, lots of times if necessary, though graciously most of the time if at all possible.

    One last thing: If gear choices are open, there's actually not the same need to talk about it - but I'd like to read the occasional back story, including technique or approach, and if that gets a little technical or gear-centric, then that's fine by me. But I can live without that - I guess :rolleyes:

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  3. May/June would be perfect, I think. And yes, do your best, dont limit yourself. A Photo a Day in whichever month with whichever gear I suspect would see more people hanging in to the end, instead of dropping by the wayside.

    How about a PaDiM?
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