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    Aug 24, 2015
    Been wanting to do something like this for years. Finally decided it was time.


    Set up a bunch of the family 'old stuff', including my vintage Kodak 3A folder. Taken with a Nikon D600 with Tair 135/2.8 @ f/22. ISO 640 with 18 1/4-power burst from a Nikon S600 speedlight spread across my dining room in a 16-sec exposure.

    Sharpened in Capture NX-2, exported to Silver Efex Pro for b&w conversion, then to GIMP 2.6 for colorization and final crop.

    The money is genuine (Chinese yen, silver-certificate US greenbacks). Coinage is from various countries. Maps are of China, Europe, South America and Africa. Even vintage 122 and 124 film rolls (genuine as well). Pocket watch is my great-grandfathers.
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