Want a Sony camera cheap? Trade in a laptop.

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    Mar 7, 2012
    Sony has always been very generous with their laptop trade in program. In the past you could get $300 for trading in an old laptop after buying a Sony laptop. They've changed the program a bit. Now you don't need to buy a Sony laptop to qualify and they issue Sony giftcards.

    In my case, I had three 5-6 year old laptops in the closet. While these were $1000 or more when new, I would be hard pressed to get $60-$80 for these laptops selling them myself on CraigsList now. For $60, I've been holding on to them as backups. Sony gave me an average of $250 each. The trade in process is quick and easy. You can either mail them in or trade them in at any Sony store. Here's the link. You can look up the value of a laptop. For some reason trading it in store gave me better values than online.

    Trade-in and Recycling Program | Sony USA

    In my case it's brought up a dilemna. I recently bought a XZ-1 that I'm happy with, but I want an RX100. The RX100 is pricey though. This tradein allowed me to turn a couple of hundred dollars worth of laptops into $750 of Sony credit. That's enough to get a RX100. $200 is what I paid for the XZ-1. Now I have to reconsider keeping the XZ-1. Or maybe I should just hang onto the credit and apply it towards a NEX 6. ;)

    Of course you don't have to buy a camera with these giftcards, you can buy anything that Sony sells. If you have a old laptop rotting away somewhere, you could do far worse than trade it into Sony.

    Oh yeah, if you do this instore, ask them to give you a couple of free tickets to go see Skyfall. $13 value each. It'll cover gas. To get the free tickets, all you have to do is check out their new 84" TV. The whole process took me about a minute.
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