Visiting Australia - Melbourne, Grampians, Tasmania, Sydney

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  1. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    My wife and I just got back from a trip to Australia. We made a tour, starting in Melbourne (1 day), driving the Great Ocean Road to Port Fairy with a stop in Apollo Bay and Port Fairy, before traveling to the Grampians (National Park). After having one full day in the Grampians, we drove back to Melbourne Airport for a flight to Hobart, Tasmania. In Tasmania we spend one day in Hobart, then drove to Cradle Mountain National Park and ended in Freycinet. The last 2 days were spent in Sydney.

    It was a memorable trip. Not only because we met with an uncle I had not seen in 25 years but also because of Australia’s wildlife. Although the scenery is beautiful, it is the sheer amount of birds and wildlife that made a lasting impression. I should add trees as well. The variety in trees is amazing. My wife did not get enough of taking photos of trees.

    In this thread I would like to share some photos that helps me bring back some good memories and may help you in planning a trip to South East Australia.

    You won’t find any spectacular shots of beautiful sky colors, smoothened water surfaces, etc. Just the usual "quick shot" tourist photos.

    If anyone is interested in the details of the trip that may help in planning your own trip, don’t hesitate to contact me!
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  2. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    Landscape and scenery:

    Lake Dove, Cradle Mountain National Park:

    Lake Dove, Cradle Mountain National Park:

    Great Ocean Road (sorry, no apostles):

    McKenzie Falls:

    Scenery through the eyes of a telelens: Freycinet:

    B/W scenery:

    Port Fairy Beach:

    Trees in Apollo Bay:

    Lake Leake:

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  3. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    Wildlife - Mammals

    I am the first to admit that my photos do not come close to those of wildlife photographers, but it was so much fun to finally have some reach again! It was especially cool to use the tracking features of the camera in photographing birds. Difficult because you shoot out of hand with a 500mm lens in low(er) light (it was raining) but the VR helped.

    Kangaroo, Grampians National Park. This bull really got excited by the camera (saw this only later)
    300mm - 1/500 - f/5.6 - ISO1250

    Kangaroo, Grampians National Park.
    300mm - 1/500 - f/5.6 - ISO720

    Kangaroo, Grampians National Park.
    300mm - 1/500 - f/5.6 - ISO800

    Koala, near light house, Apollo Bay:
    500mm - 1/500 - f/8 - ISO800

    Tasmanian Devil, the solitary, endangered hyena of Tasmania
    300mm - 1/320 - f/8 - ISO2800

    Wombat, Cradle Mountain National Park
    300mm - 1/320 - f/8 - ISO720
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  4. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    Wildlife - Birds
    Some photos. I've others including the laughing kukkaburra, the white ibis and some unknown. Perhaps I'll post them later.

    Red Lory, Apollo Bay
    420mm - 1/500 - f/6.3 - ISO1100

    Blue eyed parrots (Corella?)
    420mm - 1/500 - f/5.6 - ISO900

    Black Currawong, Cradle Mountain National Park
    35mm - 1/100 - f/8 - ISO180

    unknown, loud singing bird, Freycinet:
    500mm - 1/500 - f/8 - ISO560

    Cockatoo, Sydney Botanical Gardens
    420mm - 1/320 - f/8 - ISO640

    Australasian Darter:
    420mm - 1/320 - f/8 - ISO400
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  5. bluzcity

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    Jul 24, 2013
    Memphis, TN
    A really nice selection. I particularly like the 1st landscape and I love the little 'roo' looking out of the pouch!
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  6. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    Although we spent only one day in Melbourne, the location of our hotel (hotel lundrum) enabled us to see some highlights, including nearby Flinders Train station, Hosier Lane, the Botanical Gardens, and a walk through the East End Theatre district. We also visited the Shrine of Remembrance, which is a special place indeed. Yes, all in one day and an evening. Unfortunately there was some heavy rain in the evening.
    Melbourne comes across as an easy-going modern city with beautiful parks and some interesting buildings. It is a “relaxed” city where one would enjoy living, although I can understand why people who live there complain about the traffic. ;-)

    Some photos:






    There are many sculptures including this one:

    Shrine of Remembrance:

    quick shot while entering the building:



    The I-need-to-constantly-check-my-phone-otherwise-I-may-miss-something-important virus is widely spread in Australia too (I may do injustice to this person but it’s the only shot I took despite the temptation to make a documentary report on this ;-) ):

    Fortunately, others had other things to do:
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  7. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    We loved the vibe of Sydney. No complaints about the many tourists as we were part of them. ;-)

    Sydney by night (the usual shot)
    35mm - 20s - f/8 - ISO100

    View from Manly ferry
    35mm - 1/500 - f/5.6 - ISO100

    The other side of the Opera
    35mm - 1/400 - f/8 - ISO200

    How to take a photo that shows you’ve been there!
    35mm - 1/320 - f/5.6 - ISO100

    Rush hour, another perspective:
    20mm - 1/20 - f/8 - ISO1800

    Museums can be boring to some:
    58mm - 1/100 - f/1.4 - ISO320
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  8. There are some nice images in there, fun trip.
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  9. marlof

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    Dec 25, 2010
    The Netherlands
    Thanks for taking me on a trip. Australia is high on my bucket list.
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  10. PJacobs

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    Apr 7, 2012
    The Netherlands
    'Usual "quick shot" tourist photos'; but high quality and pleasant to view:) thanks for sharing!
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  11. Luke

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    Nov 11, 2011
    Milwaukee, WI USA
    wonderful sets, Peter. I hope to visit one day, but these shots will do for now
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  12. Matero

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    Jan 28, 2014
    Helsinki, Finland
    That's it, started to save money for a trip down under :)
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  13. ReD

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    Mar 27, 2013
    Thanks for posting
    Very enjoyable series
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  14. Lovely photos. Its really good to see Australia through the eyes of visitors :) Wish you'd said you were coming on down, Peter, I would have pointed you at north west Tasmania, and the cruise boat M.V. George Robinson. So, the rest of you, when you visit Tazzie, get your walking shoes on and head off to the Arthur River.
  15. pniev

    pniev Student for life

    May 13, 2013
    Thanks, Sue. That looks like a lovely area and a great way of travelling. I will remember that for the next trip (although it takes a looooong time to get there! Usually we plan and book trips ourselves but this one was laid out for us, including trips from airport to hotel, hotel bookings, etc.

    I am sorry that I did not tell you that I was coming. I saw that you live in Brisbane, so I did not bother contacting you.

  16. bilzmale

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    Jul 17, 2010
    Perth, Western Australia
    Bill Shinnick
    Agree with Sue - am familiar with all these places but good to see them again through a tourist viewfinder.

    You fitted a lot in - so glad you enjoyed your trip and yes, tourists are always welcome.
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  17. nickthetasmaniac

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    Jan 20, 2014
    Launceston & Sydney
    Nick Clark
    Great set of photos! I'm lucky enough to work as a hiking guide out of Cradle Mountain (on the Overland Track) and it is a truly special part of the world :)
  18. pniev

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    May 13, 2013
    It is a special part of the part. Unfortunately we only had an afternoon for a walk so we did the Dove Lake walk. Easy and beautiful. But it was cold. The Overland Track is rather special. It is a 6-day walk, isn't it?

    Herewith some other Dove Lake photos:




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  19. Matt Everglade

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    Mar 5, 2014
    I visited many of the places aswell three years ago and really loved to see your photos as they brought back some nice memories. Thank you!
    My favourite shot is the second (the boat house), might be due to the memories, but I really enjoyed it.
    I'd like to see more photos. :)
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  20. nickthetasmaniac

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    Jan 20, 2014
    Launceston & Sydney
    Nick Clark
    Yep, most people do it over 6 days (except the runners, who do it in about 8 hours!).

    I don't know if you knew when you photographed it, but this is a King Billy Pine (Athrotaxis selaginoides) - quite rare and only found in alpine rainforests in the west of Tasmania. They can grow to around 1500 years old (this one is probably 7-800yrs)!
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