Very first impressions of the Zeiss 50mm Touit lens and some shots

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    May 13, 2013
    After leaving photography aside for a while, I picked up the Zeiss 50mm Touit lens for my Fuji X-T1 this week. I thought it would better fit my needs than the Fuji 56mm. The first thought that crossed my mind was how light the lens feels. It definitely does not feel like a typical Zeiss or Fuji lens. I read somewhere that manual focusing might be difficult because of the sensitivity of the rotation ring but everything worked smoothly. In fact, manual focusing is a pleasure with this lens. And a big advantage is that the lens hunts less than the Fuji 60mm. AF is also accurate. It doesn't have image stabilization so shooting macro w/o tripod is tricky.

    The biggest question is of course: Do I like the results. Frankly, I am not sure yet. A Zeiss lens like the 135mm APO lens is superior. The DP3 Sigma too. And I am inclined to conclude that the bokeh of the Fuji 56mm is also better. But I will have to wait drawing conclusions until I've made some portrait shots.

    Here are some initial shots (sorry, no portrait yet):

    XT100569 par phn, on ipernity

    XT100576 par phn, on ipernity

    XT100581 par phn, on ipernity

    XT100598 par phn, on ipernity

    And this one is for BB:
    XT100570 par phn, on ipernity
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    Love the crispness on the first photo!
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