Two or more bodies?

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by kyteflyer, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Now that I ordered a V1 from Cameta (and am busting for it to arrive but it wont come for a while)... I'm curious about which lenses you allocate to which camera.

    I'm thinking 10mm to live on the J1 (street and random, not that I am a street photographer) and zooms on the V1. I'll be getting the 18mm and at some time I will also get the 32mm, its too hard to pass up and if I have paid that much for pentax lenses I can hardly complain about the Nikon 1 costs :)

    So... how do you guys distribute your lenses over more than one body. Do you have particular preferences?
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    My guess is that when you get the 18.5 you won't be using the zooms much.
    I will always have the 10mm attached to a body though. The other body gets to use the 18.5 and the 30/110.
  3. john m flores

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    Aug 13, 2012
    Whenever I travel with two non-identical bodies, I almost always, at the decisive moment, have the wrong lens on the wrong body!
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    What John said. :smile:

    I usually have the short lens on the J and long lens on the V. Tele shooting is a bit more stable when I can hold it up to my face. Now that the prime's in play, the 10-30 will likely stay in the bag for a couple of runs until I've satiated my prime fix.
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    I would think one would want the longer lenses on the camera with the viewfinder - it's a much more stable arrangement even with IS. That's pretty much the way I work with micro four thirds.
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    Agree. Or at least the body with the better grip for stability.
  7. I've already added a flipbac to the J1, and will get one for the V1 as well. Mind you there seems to have been a bit of a hiccup with my order... waiting to hear from Cameta as we type. If its fallen in a heap (Nikon USA does not want these stores sending to Australia, go figure) I'll buy locally and may even get the V2 after all.
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    I have Flipbacs for both. Works just fine. And GGS protectors.

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