Tuckeroo Seeds

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  1. And well you may ask, what the heck is a tuckeroo? Its a tree which is apparently despised in the US, having been imported whether accidentally or otherwise (been doing some reading today) and is known over there as Carrotwood. I dont know why, theres nothing carroty about it. Its Cupaniopsis anacardioides and its a fantastic shade tree. In a climate like ours, the more the merrier. Mine won't self seed (so I can dig up seedings and plant elsewhere) so I am going to attempt propagation, myself.

    And here are the seeds potted today. Fingers crossed that a couple sprout.


    Yes. From the TZ60. I hope to be out and about sometime soonish, to actually do some shooting. I've been a bit (a lot) shut down since I took Missy back, and the weather has been abominable.
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    Bill Shinnick
    Do you have a pic of the mature tree?
  4. Only fir birds, afaik.
  5. Gee. Wish I had seen that before I went out to shoot pix for Bill. LOL. I'll post them anyway. My tree is NOT a great specimen because you need to trim to lower branches as it grows, and I didnt, so instead of one good trunk, I have 3 sorta reasonable ones. Its also in need of rain, which has been sparse this summer.

    My poor old spindly tree, wanting a drink.

    Even the pods look rubbish this year. They are normally quite full and a bright yellow, attracting birds of all kinds. Thats why I can get the seeds, they havent been eaten by birds.

    More of the seeds, plus a couple in pods which havent fallen yet.
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    that's a lovely tree Sue.
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    Like your 'untrimmed' tree better than those i've seen pruned.
  8. Thanks, guys. I will be doing the lower branches of any I manage to sprout and eventually plant in the yard. The reason I am doing it is that summers here are getting hotter and hotter - well, we aren't in summer yet and already we are getting temps over 38 (Thursday to Sunday this week are promising 37-39). And I am in the unfortunate position of having a house with big glass doors and also my bedroom window facing west, with no protection from the sun from about 2pm. I need to have trees, since I am never going to be able to afford any renovation work which might include shade of some kind (I'd kill for a back verandah).
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    I'd keep your eyes on the freecycle (or whatever it's called down under) for someone getting rid of some blinds. I'm sure you have some on the inside, but if you can hang a set on the outside and block the sun before it even THINKS about hitting the glass, you can really keep the place cooler
  10. Thanks, Luke, I have an external awning but it get hotter under there than it does outside it. Measured at 52 the other day. and outside the bedroom is a large concrete slab which I do need to get shaded post haste, it reflects so much heat!