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Discussion in 'Samsung' started by PapaDee, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Can anyone direct me to a source for an EVF for the TL500 in the USA?

    I find I am a bit shaky without using my face for camera support.


  2. olli

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    As far as I know there is no EVF available for the TL500/EX1, certainly not from Samsung.

    Coming from a traditional DSLR with OVF I have found that using a relatively short neck strap and holding the camera so that the strap is tight adds additional support when using cameras without viewfinders.
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  3. Thanks olli. I think I saw one on the European Samsung sit but I'm old and could have a faulty memory.

    I'll try the short strap and bet it helps.

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  4. I posed the same question on DPreview and was immediately corrected for using EVF and not OVF. Politely.

    There are OVfs that will work because they fit in the hot shoe. One is for the Panasonic LX3 - LX5 - on Amazon at Panasonic DMW-VF1 External Optical Viewfinder: Camera & Photo


    Pretty expensive for occasional use. Less expensive ones on ebay but I lost the connection.
  5. olli

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    Sep 28, 2010
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    There is an accessory OVF from Samsung the OVF1, but it seems near impossible to find. I found it on Amazon UK sold by an outfit in Bremen, German for 160 quid - around $250.
  6. ricardovaste

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    Jan 29, 2011
    See if E-VF is important this is where you really need to look at the LX-5 or that new Olympus. You can use OVF, but really for nothing more than snaps as you don't have any info on shooting data. If it's causing you trouble I'd honestly call it a day as it sounds like an LX-5 would suit you much more :)
  7. Thank you olli and ricardovaste for your input.

    I have an Olympus E-PL1 and the EVF but I was looking for something more suitable for slipping into a pocket for evening knockabout and low (not too low) light snapshots.

    I'll keep working on it.

    Thanks again to all for the info.
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  8. nick marshall

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    Mar 10, 2011
    I used a 25mm Voigtlander viewfinder, Prefer the shape to the round viewfinders. works great! looks good, good fit on the hot shoe, not too loose like some.
    Not sur if I know how to post a picture on here yet.
    I am now selling both my EX1's so it's up for sale on the Uk eBay at the moment.
  9. Luckypenguin

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    Dec 24, 2010
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    If an EVF is important to you, perhaps instead of trying to find a viewfinder to fit your TL500, you could buy an Olympus XZ-1 to fit your VF-2 :)
  10. Since I started this thread lo those many moons ago, I have done some shooting with the TL500 using the very flexible view screen. I have CRS and can't remember the proper term for viewscreen so forgive me please.

    I have concluded that I don't need an EVF with the TL500. And my hands are large enough to provide shade when required.

    And I did think about the Olympus XZ-1 for the very reason you mentioned but the price was and still is way too high.

    Thanks for your responses and suggestions.