Time Lapse?

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  1. I've only just realised that the Nikon 1 series has an intervalometer built in.

    Anybody done any timelapse? If so, care to give a tutorial? I am completely clueless and that which I have found online (so far) has been vaguely useful but it would be good to hear from someone from here who's had success and can show examples.

    Thanks in advance :)
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    Sue, have you seen this one? http://terencesjones.wordpress.com/...w-to-do-a-time-lapse-video-with-the-nikon-v1/ It seems pretty straight forward. The basics are shoot a bunch of videos without the camera moving and then stitch them together with software.

    John Flores showed one a few weeks back of a peony opening. It was epic. I just found it.....


    if that link doesn't take you straight there....it's page 129 of the flowers thread.
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