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Discussion in 'Sony' started by Paul Giguere, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Paul Giguere

    Paul Giguere

    May 4, 2011
    Wayland, MA USA
    Hi all,

    I know that the Thumbs Up CSEP2 grip (designed originally for Fuji X100 and Leica X1, etc.) will work with the RX1 as an alternative to Sony's much more expensive thumb grip however, I'm wondering if any of the new Thumbs Up grips that don't require a hex wrench to install will work? Does anyone have any experience with these new designs, in particular the EP-2S model?

    I ask this because it would be nice to easily swap the thumb grip out with the EVF (and vice a versa) easily. As it is, you need to make a decision ahead of time which you will want in the field.



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  2. Muizen

    Muizen Regular

    Mar 25, 2013
    Mechelen, Belgium
    Harry Briels
    I would not want my EVF to be removed to enable using a thumb grip.
    The EVF is in my opinion, essential and far more important than a thumb grip.
    Also by using the Gariz half case (XS-CHRX1M) I have no problems holding the RX1 stable without a thumb grip because the Gariz extends the overall size of the RX1 just enough to have a comfortable grip.
  3. rogerc

    rogerc Regular

    May 16, 2013
    The Hexagonal.
    I am not the DYI type of guy to do stuff like this.

    But, if anyone feels entrepreneurial, they should make a thumbs up with contacts to attach EVF on top. It should not be very complicated thing is one knows his way around these things.

    If you mass produce it, it will sell TONS especially since the new RX100m2 uses the same contacts and maybe in the future the RX10 would do so too.

    I would buy one in a heartbeat.