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Discussion in 'Open Gear Talk' started by Chrisnmn, Jan 15, 2014.

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    Jul 8, 2012
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    Chris Leskovsek
    Hey guys, I might open a can of worms here. but i will give it a try and try to be as specific as possible to try not to.

    I've been wondering to get a used Fuji X100 (not the S) as i loved the files but not the speed. I've read that the latest update to the x100 made it as fast as the X100s in terms of AF. is that correct?.

    Now on the other hand, I was also wondering to get a GM1 with a Pana 20mm. I loved the lens and its speed being slow for m43 terms, it is indeed faster than the fuji.

    Both combos in NZ go for around $1200 nz dollars. Ive seen some fuji x100 for $900 but not much less than that. so roughly at the same price my question is

    Is in all honesty the Fuji X100 as fast as the X100s in terms of AF? cause if its not, then i think ill jump on the gm1.

    Also in the GM1 camp, Ive handled the camera I know how small it is, and that could bother some, not me. But the ones who have used it, has anyone tried the P20 with it? i cant seem to find much more information about it.

    any thoughts would be strongly appreciated

    ps: I posted this question here and not in the sister sites, as i strongly believe that users here are more 'open minded' and not too biased like on their respective sites.
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    Nov 11, 2011
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    after the update, the fuji x100 is appreciably faster than my experience with the 20mm (on an E-P3......not sure if it will be any faster on the GM1). I owned the X100s for a brief moment and ended up going back to the non-s. Their functional speeds seem the same to me, but I didn;t time them.
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    Jul 8, 2012
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Chris Leskovsek
    I hear you Luke. That is really, really interesting. now, i need to get a good deal on an X100.
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    Dec 24, 2010
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    I always found that the focus of my 20mm (sold now so I can't double check) felt better on my GH1 (released 2009) than the Olympus E-M5. Faster, less prone to hunt. I think that the 20mm works best on a Panasonic body.
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    Jun 5, 2012
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    this is why oly needs a 22mm lens.. bcl! bcl!!!!

    trying my x100 updated next to an x100s at a shop, the s felt a LIL faster, but not so much id notice unless i was clicking back n forth like a lunatic in a shop...
    100 is easier to process files, smaller files so they hog less hdd space

    but the gm1 is nice n tiny, and the p20 is a cult fav

    the x100 slides right into a cargo shorts pocket, but i think the bigger lens to body thickness of the gm1 combo would snag and make me scowl at it... lol
  6. Would the latest version of the 20mm f1.7 on the GM1 be quicker than the old version? I have both and the new Mk2 20mm f1.7 is a fair bit faster to AF on the GX7 than the old version. You have to have the GX7 in electronic shutter mode to get the new 20mm to focus quickly but it is really good.
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  7. Chrisnmn

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    Jul 8, 2012
    Auckland, New Zealand
    Chris Leskovsek
    Hey guys, thanks for your comments on the P20mm. Personally the P20 is a personal favorite. that lens for the size is probably one of the best in its kind. sharp, great contrast, love the FOV, etc

    Now, I do keep reading about the P20 being faster on pana bodies and even faster on the newer pana bodies such as the gx7 and the gm1. I do understand that by faster it might not be olympus fast, but that is more than enough for my subject and my photography, so its good.

    what is kinda pulling me off a bit, is that apparently the mechanical shutter and the p20 combination is giving some really bad banding in low light situations. At this point i dont believe it much, but here are some nasty examples though

    anyway, im still kinda in between. IQ is brilliant with both cameras. And even though i lose the VF on the fuji i gain it in compact size with the GM. both are silent, both have great performance it seems. I think as usual money and a good deal will dictate my decision.
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