the St. James Hotel and some Cemetery shots in Cimarron New Mexico.

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    The St. James hotel is said to be haunted, with over 27 murders in its wild west past, the Hotel was built in 1872, the likes of Wyatt Erp, Doc Holiday, Jesse James, Buffalo Bill Cody have all left their mark on the St. James, as attested by the numerous bullet holes in the ceiling of the main dining room.

    Room 18 at the hotel is kept locked because it houses the ghost of an ill-tempered Thomas James Wright, who was killed at his door just after winning the rights to the hotel in a poker game. Having been shot from behind, Wright continued on into the room and slowly bled to death.

    A view of the St. James:


    another view:


    signing the registry at the St. James:


    This place is rather creepy, and it's mood changes greatly at night, my family had the entire haunted 2nd floor to ourselves... 2 views of the hallways on the haunted 2nd floor:



    the creepy lights:


    This place creaked from its wooden floors and wooden stairs, some parts were ice cold, for no reason at all.


    Here is a shot of my Son, he was using our Omd EM5.


    We shot images and ghost hunted all night, after getting a buzz at the bar..


    Some shots from the Cimarron Cemetery.....





    a heck of a lot of History, in Cimarron New Mexico........
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    great series, nice 'eye'. really like the rehistry shot.
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    So did you see any ghosts?

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    The question is honey, did the ghost see the HepKitty???
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    Yep. That "cold for no reason at all" is definitely ghosts!

    I saw it on TV. I must be true!