The Moor's last resting place

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    This is Pig's Nose Valley, between Prawle Point and Salcombe in south Devon, one of my favourite birding spots for migrants.



    Below the cliffs at the bottom of the valley is Moor Sands. In the sixteenth century the bodies of drowned sailors were washed ashore here. They turned out to be Moorish pirates, now commemorated in the name of this cove. In recent years the wreck has been located and many rich treasures have been salvaged including Dutch artefacts that suggest the pirate captain was a Dutchman.


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    What a beautiful view and that water - it looks tropical! Wow, pirates, treasures...and a Moorish Dutchman?! You had a great day, Barrie!
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  3. Barrie, you are lucky to have so many photogenic spots both historical and modern day to visit from home. And all no more than 70 miles from salt water!! I love the first and second shots which show off your talents.
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    Thank you Bill, appreciate your comments. I'm lucky enough to live within four miles of the sea, indeed given the right wind direction during foggy conditions I can hear the foghorn of Start Point Lighthouse.

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    Awesome, thanks.
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    Or to quote Seinfeld, the "MOOPS"!