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    Bill Palmer
    Life is full of small pleasures. Sometimes they are easy to overlook. The village of Selborne is only about 30 minutes from home, just across the border in the county of Hampshire. The church has been there since the 1100s. The Autumn Sun illuminated a picture-perfect graveyard, yew trees spreading their branches to give some shade. On this Sunday morning the massive wooden door was closed, but not locked, not to keep people out but as the sign said, to prevent wild birds flying in and getting trapped. Inside, the bell-ropes hung silent and expectant, in the corner under the tower. As I stood there, the only sound was the steady, stately tick of the clock at the top of the tower, measuring each moment, and filing it away.

    Yes, life is full of small pleasures. You just have to see them.
    Bellropes St Mary Selborne GR 2 par Lightmancer, on ipernity
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    Great shot that makes me smile, when I see this I am reminded of the image for Mars Bars showing the bell ringers flying up into the air!