The Albany Bulb

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  1. The Bulb - Arrival

    The Bulb is a jumble of dirt, rubble, and debris that sticks out into San Francisco Bay, from the eastern shore of the bay. By land it is inconvenient to get to. It has long been neglected. Parts of it are being turned into a park. I took these photos from 2006 to 2017 with a variety of cameras. All were Compact, some were more Serious than others.

    Upon arriving, you will see a beach, which is usually occupied by dogs and people. The Bulb is a popular spot for people walking their dogs.

    1 - IMG_0814.JPG

    This shelter thing is near the entrance. Like a lot of things at the Bulb, it’s origin and purpose are not obvious.

    2 - DSCF0673.JPG

    The entrance has been landscaped in the past few years. The entrance looks like a real park, unlike the rest of the Bulb.


    3 - DSCF0669.JPG


    4 - DSCF1619.JPG

    and after landscaping.

    5 - IMG_0726.JPG
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  2. The Bulb - Around the Corner

    Walking near sea level to the west and then north, the landscaping gives way to a rougher character.

    1 - DSCF0666.JPG

    The bulb is a popular spot for spray painting. I could smell fresh spray paint when I took this photograph of an old building.

    2 - DSCF0645.JPG

    You may see dogs and people out on the breakwater.

    3 - DSCF0651.JPG

    Sometimes there is an inviting path to the breakwater.

    4 - DSCF1636.JPG

    And sometimes, when the tide is high, the path is not so inviting.

    5 - DSCF0623.JPG

    6 - IMG_0809.JPG
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  3. The Bulb - Up on Top

    Back at the entrance, there is an option to take the high road, away from the shore and towards the middle of the Bulb. Nice views of the bay await

    1 - DSCF0610.JPG

    2 - DSCF1543.JPG

    along with the usual jumbled terrain

    3 - P1040472.JPG

    and the occasional mysterious structure.

    4 - DSCF0827.JPG

    There are two labyrinths up on top. They aren’t easy to find, but are worth looking for.

    5 - IMG_0807.JPG

    6 - IMG_0795.JPG

    There are no guarantees about the condition or even the existence of anything at the Bulb.

    7 - P1040517.JPG
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  4. The Bulb - Art

    Heading down from the top to the North edge of the Bulb, a figure awaits.

    1 - DSCF1677.JPG

    A left turn brings more figures.

    2 - DSC0543.JPG

    3 - DSC0547.JPG

    Back past the outstretched arms

    4 - DSC0541.JPG

    and to the right are other kinds of artwork.

    5 - DSCF0800.JPG

    6 - DSCF0808.JPG
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  5. The Bulb - Leaving

    One route back to the entrance is to climb up out of this little bay.

    1 - P1040532.JPG

    There are views and perspective to be gained after the climb.

    2 - IMG_0752.JPG

    3 - P1010187.JPG

    There was a clue about the origin of the Bulb back in the Art area. This looks like it was a landing or pier at one time, for loading and unloading boats.

    4 - P1040524.JPG

    As you think over your visit, leave some room in your conclusions for things to be different next time. Note the blue Post Office building on the left and the elevated freeway on the right.

    5 - DSCF0601.JPG

    The same blue building, and the same freeway, at low tide.

    6 - DSCF1499.JPG
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  6. The Bulb - Black and White

    I once read that it’s not good to mix color and black and white images in a presentation, so here are my black and whites:

    Improving the entrance.

    1 - DSCF1516.JPG

    View of San Francisco from up top.

    2 - P1040509.JPG

    People on the breakwater.

    3 - DSC0555.JPG

    View of San Francisco from the breakwater.

    4 - DSCF1642.JPG

    Birds and cranes, looking north to Richmond.

    5 - DSCF1655.JPG

    Shoreline and breakwater.

    6 - P1010197.JPG
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