Stylus 1 shoots "Boardwalk Empire"

Discussion in 'Other Brands' started by swandy, Jan 13, 2014.

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Any fans of the HBO show "Boardwalk Empire". Two seasons ago they shot several scenes in a small diner with Chip - and I know of at least one with Nucky. Well - the diner was built in an area of Staten Island called Historic Richmondtown. They actually used several other of the old buildings for the small town in NJ where the bootleggers had to stop to refill (the gas station and the hotel).

    Anyway, took a walk there to try out the Stylus 1 on some of the old buildings (think I do this with all my cameras). Three are with Art Filters and they are OOC JPEGs and the "horse" shot was shot in RAW and processed with Olympus Viewer and converted to JPEG.

    Comments welcome.
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  2. Nice set of shots. I have just got mine and done some test shots and I must say i'm really impressed with the image quality and IS. At 300mm the IS is superb and IQ is also great!
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    you reminded me i need to finish catching up on that show!

    nice shots :) how are you liking the handling of the camera?
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    I loved that show for the longest time. But during this season (just ended), it seemed to decline to the level of a routine soap opera. I stopped watching after the third episode.
  5. For me I find the Stylus a joy to use. It feels well made and is big enough to fit in my hand with comfort. Knowing you have f2.8 regardless of focal length is excellent and the image quality does not seem to suffer at different focal lengths. The RAW files are very good too. The only thing I would criticise the camera for is the poor handling of highlights. If you have a bright sky it looks like it's blown too much as can be seen in the images above. I guess shooting in RAW and under exposing a bit would help. In situatuins where the exposure is more even then this camera excels!!!
  6. swandy

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    Nov 16, 2013
    I love it. Feels like a smaller version of the EM5 (which I liked aside from the mushy feel of some of the buttons which the Stylus 1 does not have). Actually preferred the slightly smaller size of the XZ-2 (which for me was replaced by the S1) but the additional features (great zoom range and the EVF) make the slightly more bulky size and weight well worth it. It is very comfortable to handle and I liked the way they took the best of the EM5/EP5 control layout and sort of blended it with the best of the XZ-2 (ring around the lens and the lever to quickly switch to manual focusing).
  7. swandy

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Agree about the size and great lens. Sort of agree about the highlights - but in my eyes, this has always been sort of an issue with the Olympus cameras I have owned - going back to the E510, which was why I switched from JPEGs to RAW in the first place - better handling of the highlights. A lot of people think that Olympus pushes the camera exposure more towards the shadow end to avoid some of the noise at that end with their relatively smaller sensor (4/3 vs the other brands). Not sure if that is the case, but I have noticed it in a lot of their cameras. Otherwise I love the way the camera handles just about every situation.