Street,urban,architecture,inte... photography.Best lens ?

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    Jun 3, 2014
    I have nikon d3100(crop sensor 1.5)..interested in street/urban,interior,architecture photography..Which lenses are better for this kind of photography?...can i buy for example one lens that covers all this kinds of photography or at least some of them..Yes i am still learning sorry if my question sounds a bit..
    i know i can use my kit lens but i would like some lens different than that...
    Does this kind of photography needs wide angle lens?
    My badget is medium(around 300 euros if you are familiar with euros or maybe 250 english pounds)
    Need your thoughs,would appreciate it..many thanks
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    May 11, 2014
    Tiew Chong Yi
    Basically, I would recommend that you use your kit lens (18-55mm) and go to the street then test, and see which focal length best suits you. When I started off (using a Canon 1000D with kit lens 18-55mm) I find that my liking was at around 50mm, so I got myself a 50mm f1.8 and had lots of fun with it.

    For a do everything lens that is most versatile (although IQ is so-so), you can look to the 18-200mm (either from Nikon, or Sigma or Tamron - note that Sigma and Tamron both produce lenses at 18-270mm or 250mm).
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