Street Photography Ban

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    you should be able to figure it out...
    Not really a street photography ban, a ban of pretty much all PUBLIC photography, even of buildings and scenery. That's gonna be GREAT for the European tourism industry!

  2. Kind of scary and sad.
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    My thought. This would certainly impact my thinking about a sight-seeing trip to Europe. Not to mention a nightmare of enforcement issues.

  4. Techniclly, Paris has a similar ban, but no one pays attention.

    Still, better to not have a silly law on the books.
  5. Technically it is illegal in places like Paris, but rarely enforced. Still, better to not have such a law exist at all.
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    I think I'll worry about this when it happens, as the whole thing strikes me as daft and unenforceable.

    To expand on the Paris situation, are tourists really going to face prosecution for posting iPhone pictures of the Eiffel Tower on Facebook? Apparently that's OK in daylight, but illegal by night. Presumably twilight is a bit of a twilight area.

    Are we to be told which public buildings and statues are currently under copyright and which not?

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    I was planning to vote to stay in the EU in the forthcoming UK referendum but this makes me wonder.

    Hopefully it will go away but if it doesn't there could well be problems in the UK. Most sensible EU countries, particularly France and Italy, simply ignore EU legislation which they don't like but despite our supposed euroscepticism the UK has an unfortunate tendency to gold-plate EU nonsense and enforce it more rigorously than most other countries. The debacle over motorcycle driving tests a few years ago is a prime example.
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    I'd say that would be something of an over-reaction - voting 'Out' because of this bit of silliness is akin to throwing the baby out with the bathwater. This is just one of those daft ideas which will either not become law, or will become law and be found to be wholly unenforceable. The EU has many good aspects, but this idea definitely isn't among them. I'd rather vote to stay in the EU, and just campaign against silly ideas such as this. After all, our government's agenda is packed full of stupid ideas...:frown:
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    apparently some architects are in favour of copyrighting their buildings
    (photographers claim copyright of their own work of course)

    what about all the cctv images ? Google?
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    Politicians - when they run out of money, they come for yours. Still unsatisfied, they look for other things. They're not crazy, but what they are is worse.
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    I was being tongue in cheek. There is no way the UK will or should leave the EU but you'd almost think the EU was trying to give British Eurosceptics more ammunition when you see this nonsense. I don't want to go too far off topic but I mentioned the motorbike driving test debacle on which the House of Commons Transport Committee's Report is scathing. It's worth a read (even for non-motorcyclists) for a practical lesson in how not to implement EU directives.
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  13. I'm never sure with these online petition sites how much of it is actually useful and how much is just them stirring the pot to further their own importance.
    (I'm genuinely not sure. Some of the petitions sound truly worthwhile... but how much impact online petitions really have I have no idea.)

    That aside, I can't imagine this thing going through. At all. Sounds to me more like one of those things that the media love to blow out of proportion...

    But then again - what do I now? :-D

    Exactly. If this would go through I want royalties for all the CCTV footage I appear in :)
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  14. porchard

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    Feb 3, 2013
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    Ahhh, yes... I entirely agree. I guess I should have had my 'tongue-in-cheek' sensor switched on, before launching into posting a reply! :rolleyes::)
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