Steam on the stubbles

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    These two ploughing engines, although out of sight of one another, are pulling this cultivator back and forwards across the field, communicating to one another by engine whistles alone.

    Having been wound in towards the engine in shot (a compound Fowler), the driver whistles the other engine which in turn takes up the slack in the cable, thus turning the cultivator around and then proceeds to pull it back across the field, this engine being out of gear so the cable is pulled off the winding drum

    The cultivator glides pass with just a swish from the trailing cable as it drags through the stubble

    The cultiavtor appears over the brow of the hill heading towards the engine (a compound McLaren) pulling it in, the cable being coiled up on the winding drum under the engines boiler

  2. Awesome old school tech
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    Brilliant !
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    What was that I said in the other thread/set about doing things the old-fashioned way? - Same thing applies here :smile:
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    It's not called a Vintage Machinery Rally for no reason, it certainly lives up to its name :smile:
  6. How English is that!! Lovely images!!!