Steam on a frosty morning

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    With most mainline rail services in south Devon and Cornwall suspended the South Devon Railway has at least been able to run services having cleared the line of a landslip that occured at the very end of 2013.

    This morning was bright and chilly, with a frost on the ground and black ice on roads near Buckfastleigh, the headquarters of the line, most unusual this winter.

    Shortly after 08:00 hours, and illuminated by the low sun, the morning milk train heads for Totnes, hauled by a visiting engine, a London and South Western M7 class, the first ones going into service in 1897, although this one was built somewhat later. I used to see these as a youngster and my cousin would have worked on these as a fireman and then later a driver out of Plymouth Friary shed. I've not seen one for 50 years.

    The first passenger train of the 2014 season is backed up into Buckfastleigh station.

    The fire is burning through nicely, although the coal in the tender looks to have some dust in it, that will go straight out the chimney when the fireman puts it on the fire.

    Where are Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard (Brief Encounter).

    Later the M7 departs Buickfastleigh with a passenger train.

    All with a Sigma DP3M, perhaps not the most suitable camera for this task, but the results have been worth using it.

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    Wonderful to see these - and read your backstory and asides, Barrie. Where indeed are Celia Johnson and Trevor Howard?!
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    These are all superb captures of an interesting subject. I think the DP3M has served you well.

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