Sony's New Strategy

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    From Sony's release outlining the company's new strategy:

    "Digital Imaging - Sony is reinforcing its development of image sensors, signal processing technologies, lenses and other key digital imaging technologies in which it excels, and plans to leverage these technologies in both its consumer products (such as compact digital still cameras, digital video cameras and interchangeable lens digital cameras) and broadcast and professional products (such as professional use cameras and security cameras) in order to further strengthen and differentiate Sony' overall product line. The Company also plans to extend the use of these key technologies across a wide range of business applications, from security to medical, to further expand the scope of its digital imaging business. Sony will target total sales of 1.5 trillion yen and double-digit operating income margin from the consumer, professional and image sensor businesses by FY14."

    Seems that those of us using Sony cameras don't need to be concerned about Sony walking away from this part of their business.
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    I do wonder how the recent announcement that Sony are to make 10,000 workers redundant across the globe will impact on the digital imaging sector of the business as it has not been it's greatest revenue generator?
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    LL: Industry Insights-From Past to Future

    I saw this article at Luminous Landscapes. It is very interesting article from Michael Reichmann, eg someone from the user side and worked for Panasonic:

    Drug Prophesis

    Shortly, he talks about:

    -Raw standard
    -Canon: Toyota Camry
    -Nikon: Big Turnaround in 2005 and not open eg D800 AF issues
    -Sony: Innovator
    -Olympus: Survivor & E-M5 success
    -Panasonic: Gold Medalist

    I was also reading the Canon 40mm pancake review at lenstip and amazed by its low distortion esp for a full frame pancake. Too bad they didn't push more on the mirrorless side... Hopefully Sony will deliver the lenses this time, we have plenty of bodies.
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    I think you mean profit generator. Revenue is not generated by reducing people, but profits can be ticked up.

    My other thought was -- will the indeed invest/buy Oly for the medical business, since that seemed an emphasis (using imaging tech for business uses)