Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-HX50V Review - Not Too Shabby :-)

Discussion in 'Sony' started by RT Panther, Aug 4, 2013.

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    Mar 3, 2013
    John Griggs
    Ha ha! Not interested in this camera, but your topic title could be considered as "damning with faint praise", lol.
  2. I looked at the HX50 when I was wanting a compact with a long zoom... in bright sunlight it was absolutely awful. IN another forum I found out the default setting on the screen is 3/5 and I doubt that the shop which was displaying it would have changed that... so in bright light, terrible. Next to a Sony RX100 the diff was amazing... and it (the HX) has a 960k dot screen!!! I looked at a TZ40 at the same time (ZS something over there, not sure which) and even it was better... side by side, the RX and TZ blew the HX out of the water for daytime shooting... made it a no-go for me.
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    Thanks Sue for the note. The review made me think about that, until I read your comments!
  4. Best to do a side by side for yourself... I was lucky, the camera store guy didnt mind coming out with a handful of cameras into the sunlight to check it out with me
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    Sue, to be clear, you're talking only about the LCD display on the back and not the pictures it takes right?

    I've tried the HX50V and I am very impressed by it. You will not get a better superzoom in a package that small. It's only a little bigger than the RX100 and has a 30X optical zoom. The digital clearzoom works really well. I used to downplay digital zoom in camera saying that it's a waste since you can crop in post and make it look much better. The HX50V shut me up about that. It's doing something special. It's so good that if someone told me that the HX50V was a 60X optical zoom camera I would believe it. The day I tried it I considered replacing my RX100 with one. As an all around travel camera it's very appealing. But in the end, the IQ coming out of the RX100 is so much better than the HX50V. It's a great superzoom P&S camera, but it is still a P&S camera with P&S camera IQ.
  6. Yes indeed! No argument about the IQ from what I have seen in reviews etc... but if I can't see the screen well enough (and I need it to be exceptionally good because my eyes are not) theres little point. Same applied to the F770EXR I had for a few days. Excellent IQ afaic, but I struggled with the screen...
  7. I know this camera is now superseded and I have read various reviews of both the HX50v and HX60v; I have been looking for a very small longer zoom camera that will fit in a pocket when walking and it came down to a choice between a few cameras and was looking at the Samsung wb350f which was recently on sale. Picture quality adequate and a good range of features. Unfortunately I missed the sale and the store didn't want to give it to me at the old price so went looking further afield. I came across the HX50v very cheaply, managed to get a few more $$$ off so picked one up. In the end, with the HX50v I get a better camera and it cost me less.

    Agree the screen could be better outside but is far from the worst camera I have had. It is still usable with a little hand shading.