Sony A5000, NEX-5T, and A3000

Discussion in 'News and Rumors' started by AstroZon, Jan 7, 2014.

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    It's CES time and that usually means more product announcements than can be absorbed in a day.

    The first item my radar honed in on is this Sony A5000, a mirrorless, 20 mpx, APS-C camera that's small - very small.

    The A5000 appears to be the successor to the NEX-5T.(?) Well wait, that can't be since it just came out last August. The NEX7 is definitely positioned higher, so it can't be that either. (But it's nice to see a Japanese company back in form with placement confusion and market overlap.)

    I still like the big body yet mirrorless A3000 which was announced last August. I'm not sure if it shares internals with the new A5000, or if the A5000 is all new. (I'd love to see the guts of the NEX7 in the A3000 body.)
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    "My only grudge concerns the Sony’s PlayMemories Camera Apps shop where you need to pay to add new features to your camera that should have been there in the first place"

    I thought I was one of the very few who thinks that.
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    Yea, who do they think they are? Apple? :wink:
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  4. It's a bit disappointing. Not a lot of option/high cost.
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  5. stratokaster

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    A5000 is basically a 3N with an updated sensor... The screen folding mechanism is the same, the screen itself is the same (a rather poor 460k dot panel). It should sit below the 5T, because 5T is a better-specced camera, but at least in Europe A5000 is priced on par with the 5T. I think this is a classic case of downgrade disguised as an upgrade (kind of what happened to Sony A57 when it became A58).
  6. I think they plan on hooking people with that 20mp sensor.
  7. Gubrz

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    I thought it was a mount not e mount?
  8. olli

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    It's E mount. All the info is here.

    Sony said a while back that they were dropping the NEX brand and switching everything to 'Alpha'. The first e-mount Alpha was the A3000. This is the next one.

    Pleased to see after the A3000 that Sony haven't abandoned this body style. Leaves me hoping that future NEX6/7 replacement will keep the basic shape and size.