Somewhat Remedied [X100s help needed! Desperately!]

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Isoterica, Aug 11, 2013.

  1. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    So my new X100s is supposed to be able to post process RAW [.raf] files and yet when shooting raw images, using playback to select an image and going to menu/ok, the raw conversion option is on the list but not highlighted. I can't select it. I can't select crop or resize or red eye removal either. I can not edit after the fact though I can shoot using film simulations and filters etc. The book [pg 64] says alternatively, after explaining the Menu button conversion, that "if RAW is assigned to the Q button..." points to page 69 and that page details the Function button! Uhmm 'scuse me?? However I did try playback and press the Q button anyway, nothing at all happened. I should be able to do this, Fuji says so! Heck I even tried pressing the function button.

    To add to this.. my Adobe Lightroom 3.6 says "preview not available" when I try to open the .raf files. I was told to unstack the jpeg's from the raw. since I had shot in both, and yet I don't see any way to do that IF.. that is the problem. And shooting in raw only they still aren't able to be previewed.

    Another bizarre thing is my photo counting / file naming.. is all over the place. They started as DSCF0001 up to 12 [DSCF could be seen in LR] and then they changed to S0010013. Pleaseee tell me I'm not having a bad camera nightmare. The last photo I took was S0993102.. I have not taken that many photos! Just in changing from Raw files to jpg.. and taking a shot in jpg, my filename/count went from S0944074 to S0954075. What results from all of this madness is that my photos in a folder are all scrambled up and do not show in order of when they were taken. It's random. **Frame number is set to Continuous.

    I've posted in both forums hoping that someone else has experienced this and can tell me what to switch to make it all better. I've only had the camera six days!
  2. Armanius

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    Jan 11, 2011
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    Given that you are shooting RAW + jpg, any possibility that you may have been handling a jpg, and hence, the RAW edit is greyed out?
  3. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    Menu - Reset - Shooting Menu Reset - OK. Page 88 says it will change setup menu to default minus date/time, shutter count etc. Did that and they are back to DSCF file names however the last number is 4078. I haven't shot that many.

    Still can't see in Lightroom.
  4. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    I shot in just RAW and just JPG and was having issues. I did a reset.. that's reset the file name, see my post just below yours...
  5. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    The DSCF files can be edited in camera, not with any of the filters but film type, crop, etc..
  6. Duane Pandorf

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    Apr 25, 2011
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    You may need to upgrade your LR version too.
  7. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    I reset count.. then put it back on continuous. It restarted at DSCF0001, then 2. Is there any way to check true count or has what's happened gravely altered that? I have NO idea what happened.

    UPDATE: I found this on Shutter Count [Actually--- "Actuations"]

    As to LR.. I hope I don't need to buy a new version.
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    Dec 24, 2010
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    The X100S came out well after LR4 was released, which unfortunately means that that software version would be needed to open the X100S raw files. I wouldn't even know what sort of results you might expect if it were possible to convert the Fuji RAF files to a DNG format compatible with an earlier Lightroom version, given that Adobe has struggled with the X-Trans raw files even on their newer software versions.
  9. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    Do you think 3 can be upgraded to 5 or would I need a full since I'm skipping 4. Is 5 that much better than 4? I could likely just do 4 if that is all the Fuji needs.
  10. You might be able to, but I am going to suggest something radical... don't shoot RAW with the x100s. The JPG from my x100 are good enough not to bother, I cant imagine that they would somehow have deteriorated on the S model. At least until you can determine whats going on with LR and xtrans files. You might be wasting money.
  11. If u don't mind using the dng converter.. This s Adobe's way of supporting older sw products w/ latest raw file types.. I would give it a try.. C if this is an acceptable work around.

  12. Duane Pandorf

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    Apr 25, 2011
    Western NC
    In my opinion if you want to get the most out of the investment you've made in your camera you should take advantage of all it has to offer. To me that means shooting RAW and post processing your best images with that information. That also would involve upgrading to the latest post processing software you choose to use. If you're happy most of the time with the JPGs then I'd have the camera setup to shoot both Raw+JPG. This way you will always have the option to go back later to use the RAW.

    As to your in-camera file naming, you've changed the file renaming preference to reset the counter each time you reformat the card. To get a real count on the number of shutter actuations there's probably a third party app that will read the hidden EXIF data to extract that info.
  13. entropic remnants

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    Mar 3, 2013
    John Griggs

    And the unstacking I mentioned is ONLY if you are shooting RAW + JPG and Lightroom is stacking the two shots (which means showing you only one item in the Library). If you shoot only RAW or only JPG it does not apply. I don't remember about LR3 but I think it's an import option you can set either in the import dialog or in preferences as to how raw/jpg images with the same file name are handled.
  14. entropic remnants

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    Mar 3, 2013
    John Griggs
    This is good advice with the following caveat: shooting RAW+JPG imposes a pretty hefty SD write time penalty. If you will be shooting a fast moving event you may find your buffer slows you down after just a few shots. I'm not sure how bad this is with the X100S, but with other cameras this can be a miserable thing if you get into bursts for any reason.

    That being said the X100 (and presumably X100S) JPG's are so good I've eschewed shooting RAW on the camera. Yes, it really is that good, lol. I haven't owned another digital that I've been willing to do this on.
  15. Luke

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    Kristen, you seem like your original post had 3 different issues.

    1. file numbering system being changed
    2. in camera editing issues
    3. Lightroom related issues

    sounds like you may have worked out the first two. Sorry I can't help with your Lightroom issues. I don't spend any time at this other forum, but it is a totally different community with different sets of eyes and may consider a post here.... Portal - Fuji X Forum
  16. Isoterica

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    Dec 6, 2011
    Thanks all.

    I have been shooting both RAW and JPG, RAW being my go-to standard because I am not a perfect photographer and don't always nail the shot. I also want the most workable file if I do any amount of processing on it. Sometimes I really like to do heavy processing, other times I don't. I'll continue to shoot jpeg as well because I do want to see what the camera can do as well as wanting to tinker with the film simulations and filters. I have it all, I paid for it all, I want to try it all out.

    Waiting a little while on LR is possible, at least until I see a good price on at least LR4.. but I will probably need to upgrade. Coming from Photoshop Elements 2.. to 10.. and having LR3 and the Nik software.. I am used to taking many steps in my processing but a DNG converter would mean I either convert ALL that I shoot because I can't tell what is what.. or I will be obligated to shoot jpeg just to preview. Or view in camera and write it all out. A lot more time than I want to invest in reading a file though nice to know I have that option if I want it.

    As to the camera itself and shooting both file types, there is some write time involved. Most things are not action shots for me so it doesn't matter but it definitely isn't a good way to keep the camera cracking on. With the GR I would take my shot [primarily raw though] and turn the camera off while on vacation to save battery power. Out of reflex I have done that with the S.. and the camera is still writing the last file so there is a lag before it all actually turns off that probably wouldn't be if it was only one file type. So while it may be faster than the original X100, the S can't write the two files faster than I can turn the camera off. And think of how many shutter reads I am getting!

    Actual image count was reset because what it was naming the files had nothing to do with what I had shot let alone in numerical order. Even if I had not reset it [and put it back on continuous mind you] it would not have been accurate. If I keep it like this and photos count as they are supposed to then I will only need to add about some 400 or so photos to that count. I have no idea how that occurred. I hope it doesn't again.

    As for stacking in LR.. I have seen my various edits stack up, there is a little box icon thingy with a number, I believe, over the thumbnail. I don't have that going on here. It just can't read the file type. So as said above I will probably need to upgrade. I heard there is a significant improvement from LR3 to 4.. but not from 4 to 5.. like they just pitched it out before launching the cloud. Getting a camera seems to obligate you to getting more, even if it is a film camera you need the film. I need to slow down now.