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  1. Why it is that I am seeing the word "lensor" used instead of lens. There is no such word in English. Perhaps its a neologism but I'm starting to wonder why. I'm a bit of a pedant about English and its use, as well as semantics... so please someone put me out of my misery.

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    Aug 13, 2011
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    It's a neologism, or more specifically a conflation of "lens" and "sensor", coined to describe the Rich GXR lens modules. It is descriptive and apt.
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    only with regard to the Ricoh GXR system -- where the lens and the sensor is in one unit.

    [edit -- Lightmancer beat me to it. I was too busy futzing with my nonsense below]

    That being said, and no disrespect, but words are not an objective reality, existing outside of the human mind and condition. Words have meaning only as the land on the ear, and are processed by someones brain. Language continually evolves. I've never quite agreed with the idea of a static language approach, but that's just me I suppose.
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    I thought it's being used to denote the combined lens-sensors of the Ricoh GXR series of cameras, I hadn't seen it in general use ... yet ... it's an ugly little neologism, but it does serve a purpose I suppose in connection the Ricohs
  5. Thanks, Bill. I have seen it used in connection with the GXR modules (and that makes sense, given the presence of a sensor in the module), but sadly am seeing it creeping in, in reference to lenses made in the standard fashion (not in this forum yet, please god it never happens)
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    Jan 2, 2011
    hmm ... there's been a few full and frank discussions on that over the past few thousand years ... glad you're able to be so categorical!
  7. Language is not static, I know that (linguistics grad here). Its just that the term grates when i see it used for other than GXR modules. Your post was what prompted the question, but I meant no disrespect either: I've seen it used, as I said, in really silly circumstances.
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    I'd have preferred 'sens'.
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    I have great sympathy with what you are saying. I loathe creeping "verbation" - itself a neologism - and "ebaylish" - there are few things more teeth-grating than a "mintY lensE" and I have reserved a special place in the third circle of Hell for those responsible for "Toys R Us" :banghead:
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    So it is not "lensor" and "lensee" for loaning out lenses for others to use?
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    I have no problem if use of the word "lensor" is used beyond Ricoh's GXR series... as long as it refers to a lens with a sensor attached, all in one unit. Of course, no company except for Ricoh is making lensors as of today.
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    I had to look up "neologism".....:redface:

    Forty years ago, I couldn't spell "engineer".....and now I are one....:smile:
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