Smokey Mountain Waterfalls.

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    I posted these over on too. I haven't been posting many pictures as of late because I seem to be spending more time with RAW. I usually use JPEGs but as of late, there seems to be something off. Not sure if I'm being more picky or not. Batch processing doesn't work since all need individual adjusting. The DR of the first gen 12mp sensor just also doesn't cut it.

    My girlfriend and I about a month ago visited Gatlinburg. We did some hiking and some waterfall chasing.

    Meigs falls off of Little River Road between Townsend and Gatlinburg:


    Interesting waterfalls. Found this right behind the Sugarland visitor center. Not more than a .25m from the Ranger Headquaters which is behind the visitor center. Cataract Falls.


    We got up early and went upt to Laurel Falls, also off of Little River Road. Usually this is packed but we were there at about 8am. The WB was aweful from in camera, so I had to process RAW. Camera chose 7200K when I needed almost 11000K to fix this. ND filter wasn't needed since it was pretty early in the forrest.


    We went over to Bryson City NC which has the Deep Creek area on the southern edge of the Smokies. This is Thoms Branch falls and the next is Indian Creek Falls. Both are on the same trail.


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  2. Some great waterfall shots.