Simi-Annual Tri County Car Show

Discussion in 'Street and Documentary' started by snkenai, Jul 13, 2013.

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    Stephen Noel
    The simi-annual Tri county Car show held at the Campbellsville University (KY), had some beautiful works of auto-art. I took a few shots to give a feeling of the fair-like day and display. But, at the end of my walk through, I again went for a close up of a beautiful old truck with the side exposure of the tricked out engine, and the E-p3 displayed: NO CARD! In the sun I could not or did not see it. NO PICS. One of the hazards of only using LCD only. I almost, always dump the card and immediately replace it. Last night I forgot.:eek: :redface: :sad010:

    Sorry, you don't get the tour. My bad.
  2. Ya that is annoying. Did it once myself.
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    Oh, I know that feeling Steve. I remember being all excited about a new telephoto lens and raced to the zoo to try it out. Paid my $20 to park and enter. Stopped at the first exhibit and went to shoot and "DOH!"

    Went to the gift shop prepared to pay whatever insane mark-up they might have on memory cards even though I already 3 at dice. No memory cards at all. I left totally dejected. They got my $20 and I got shut out. :frown: At least you have your memories..... I didn't even stay to create any.