Sigma DP2M versus DP3M for landscape

Discussion in 'Sigma' started by biglouis, Aug 5, 2013.

  1. biglouis

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    Aug 4, 2013
    A couple taken this afternoon in a wheat field somewhere in Hertfordshire, England.




  2. Very nice!!!!!!

    I would still have chosen the DP1m for this but both those images look superb! Colour of the wheat is great!
  3. biglouis

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    Aug 4, 2013

    Thanks for the comment. I still can't quite bring myself to complete the trio by buying the DP1M. I know I should but I am hanging on for a bit to see what Sigma do next. The DPxM range must have been good for them (I hope) and hopefully it will stimulate some even better cameras.

    What I would lay down money for without hesitation is a 21mm equivalent DPxM. One can but dream...

  4. RoyUK

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    Jul 30, 2013
    Blackpool UK
    Because they're small and reasonably light, I reckon the DP Merrills make ideal mountain cameras.

    I like to bivvy or camp above valley level. It's always great to be up there, where you want to be for the shot, when the light - early or late - is at its best.

    The problem with travelling light, and despite always carrying a tripod (Gitzo Traveller Carbon & ball head with Novoflex Arca clamp) is deciding which DP Merrill to pack. And then there's the little matter of whether one will be enough or maybe you might need all three. By which time the 'travelling light' idea has pretty much become no more than a wistful memory.

    I recently decided to take the DP1 and DP3 with me for a couple of days above Langdale in the Lake District.

    One of the shots I had in mind was a 180 degree panorama inspired by an old stuck-together effort (taken in the 50s I think) that hangs on the wall in my climbing club cottage in the next valley. I thought the DP3 would be ideal but when it came to setting up the shot from the summit of Harrison Stickle, I realised that a simple sweep from southeast to northwest (with the camera vertical) was not going to include enough foreground if I also wanted to take in some of the sky above the mountain tops.

    What should have been a straightforward 19 shot panorama became a 38 shot mosaic. What's more, even at f16 I couldn't keep the foreground rocks sharp while maintaining the sharpness I needed in the distant mountains. So, to be sure, I reshot the lower sweep a second time with focus biased towards the foreground.

    Needless to say, stitching that little lot together was not exactly a stroll in the park! In fact I'm still 'tweaking' it.

    Now if I'd carried the DP2 instead, I would have got the lot in with one sweep and its shorter lens would have maintained sharpness throughout.

    As for the DP1? The only time it got used was when I was able to include a really strong foreground. I wish that had been possible more often.

    The DP3 earned its stripes though when I was heading down to the valley below.

    The attached shot, which Andy has already seen, was just what the slightly long DP3 lens was made for.

    Memo to self: carry all three DPs next time and yes Louis, I might even be persuaded to include the 14/21mm version if/when it appears ;) Dungeon Ghyll MONO.jpg
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  5. I know what you mean. I have been trying to reduce the amount of kit I have (Again!!) so now I just have the DP1m as I use it far more than the DP2m. I always found the DP3m too telephoto for me when I played with it in our shop. There are rumors that Sigma are going to bring out an interchangeable lens compact system camera which is pretty exciting!
  6. biglouis

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    Aug 4, 2013
    ^^^^ Roy ^^^^^ that shot has what they call in the music industry the 'FM' factor. You look at it and there are two words that go through mind.

    Excellent, as well.

    One thing all DP cameras seem to excel in is 'texture'. The more complex the texture the better shot in my experience, e.g. the foreground rocky slopes.

    I too have been seduced into taking three cameras which defeats the object of a light kit. I now seem to travel with my DP2M, DP3M and the RX-1.

    Plus several additional batteries and my Lee 75 filters.

    I think everyone comes to the eventual conclusion that the DP2M is just a good all round camera.

  7. retow

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    Jul 24, 2010
    Although a DP1M and DP3m sound like a great combo for travel....:wink:
  8. Ranger Rick

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    Mar 12, 2012
    Tempe, AZ
    I'm renting a DP2m for a trip later this month, and think that will be the "right" one for landscapes. Not yet ready for 2 or 3 of them (give it time :)
  9. Nice shots LouisB. Of the two, I like the dp3m better.. The dp2m, I am more tempted to turn it into a Pano. Don't get me wrong they are great shots.

  10. One of the guys that I know, as all three dp Merrill cameras. He uses the dp1m and 3m for hiking/camping in the mountains of Europe. He tends to use the dp2m for situations when he wants to use one camera. If I had all three I would tend to do the same. I ave the 1 & 2 Merrilss, but ended also getting the sd1m. The 70f2.8 macro and the 17-70f2.8-4 has ended up my two favorite lenses on that camera.

  11. biglouis

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    Aug 4, 2013

    I am shortly to start selling off all my MF film gear. I am a bit undecided whether to go Nikon or Sigma. My heart says Sigma SD1M but my head says Nikon.

    My main interest would be to get a proper wide angle which I lack now.

    We'll see, I still have to unload the gear first!

  12. I am lucky enough to own three dslr like setups plus the Fuji xp1/xe1.. Some of my thoughts and other things to think about before u jump into dslr.
    - Olympus omd - I use this for situations where I need long tele work from 100-600 range
    - Nikon dslr - can't beat Nikon for matrix meter and af speed plus every Nikon lens can be mounted on their bodies including ones from the f1 (may not always meter, depends.) really not being used very much anymore.. Between the omd, sigma and Fuji, it really does not see much use lately..
    - Sigma - every bit as good as the dp Merrill's but w/ wider range of lens selection. I have settled into two lenses I use a lot.. 17-70f2.8-4 and 70f2.8 macro. Eventually goona get the 30f1.4. Af speed not as good as Olympus or Nikon. Sigma lenses made in the last 3-5 years are really good and they are pushing the envelope. On the other hand, the lenses for the dp series were tailored for the sensor.. AWB, built in flash exposure and matrix metering not as good as Fuji or Nikon... Compared to Nikon afs lenses, the equiv sigma ones are always larger.
    - Fuji xp1/xe1 - this is what I would grab for high iso color work especially now that I have a metabones speedbooster, my AIS 35f1.4 and 50f1.4 are f1.0 lenses.. Surprisingly the fastest af lens that I have in their lineup is the 18-55 zoom. This lens is so quiet and af speed will give omd a run for its money and is not too far off from the dslr like Nikon canon.

    In film, I am mainly still shooting 120 folders these days. Since I shoot b&w, I do my own develop and scan. Which reminds me, I got rolls backing up for both developing and scanning :(

    I would find it hard to give up 120 film myself. 35mm not so much. I am assuming u are going for sd1m or d800 to get close to iq of 120 film then. It is too bad u don't live is US, has both the d800 and sd1m available for rent. Good way to get a feel before u buy.

    Good luck
  13. Forgot to mention... U may want to hold off a bit.. Rumor is that sigma may announce another dp camera toward q4 timeframe.

    One thing in favor of Nikon, they have good fixed focal length wides where Sigma does not.. A 24 is the widest sigma has.. But they do have three super wide zooms
    - 10-20f3.5 - I have this one good lens. Found this lens used for a price I could not refuse.
    - 10-20f3.5-??
    - 8-16 one of their newest designs and is suppose to e really good
    - 12-24 - if I had not found the 10-20, this is the one I would have gotten since zoom range is better for me.

  14. biglouis

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    Aug 4, 2013

    Thanks for your input. I'd love to stay with 120 film but I am finding it increasingly hard to motivate myself for the post-processing. I am down to only two possible processors in my neighbourhood and I am reluctant to invest in a really good scanner (I am using a V700 with variable results -sometimes very good, sometimes very bad!).

    I've done the sums and I just don't think I can afford to continue with 120 versus a high resolution digital solution like either the SD1, D800 or for that matter the A99 or 5dMkIII. I know I'll lose the ambience of film but that just puts more pressure on improving my digital technique (which is pretty good, anyway). I will regret losing my SWC, though.

    Anyway, this is all future speculation because, as I say, I have to divest myself of the kit and I am not going to fire sale it.

    Thanks again for the advice. I have already corresponded with Vieri in the GetDPI forum where we have traded experiences working with the DP2M.

  15. PaulO

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    Aug 9, 2013
    Hi Biglouis (I've just joined this forum, but recognize your name from another). I'm in the same place: a MF film user who has moved to Canon5DII and in the past few months DP2M. I've also selling my MF gear and holding until I see where Sigma is going with the DPxM line. I doubt that I will get the DP1M since I've had good results with stitching 4 frames with the DP2M. I have been eyeing the 75mm equivalent though since I miss having a bit more reach. One of the reasons that the Merrills are so sharp is that they are well matched to the sensor and it may be hard to provide the same resolution with zoom. What could be ideal (assuming a zoom won't be as sharp), might be lenses with 2 focal lengths such as the Bi-Elmarit lenses. Perhaps one wide angle (24/35) and one in the moderate zoom category (say 50/75).
    Also, I understand that the Ricoh GW-3 attaches to the lens threads of the DP1M giving a 21mm (equiv) and this combo works well. Wondering if it could attach to the DP2M giving 34mm? I'd be interested in seeing some raw images with the GW-3 attached to a Merrill along side the same shot with the DP1M at the same magnification. Has anyone tried this combo?

  16. Kpfeifle

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    Apr 24, 2013
    Long Island, NY
    Kevin Pfeifle
    Anybody think that Sigma will ever come out with a compact (dpm size) interchangeable lens system? That would be a lot of fun!
  17. retow

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    Jul 24, 2010
    DP2m and DP3m, pick your poison. Different seasons, shot from different but close mountain tops and slightly different PP. Imo a DP1M and DP3M would be a great travel combo. But why stopping at 2 of them, get all three Merrils. A DP2M for when one camera should do, a DP1M&DP3M combo when traveling. I often use a Nikon A (28mm equivalent) & DP3M combo and like it a lot.

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  18. retow

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    Jul 24, 2010
    This statement surprises me as owner of a XE1 with 18-55mm zoom (latest FW uploaded). Compared to a OMD, it is still a turtle. AF speed, low light/low contrast AF ability, shutter lag there is still no contest with the OMD simply being in another league.
  19. Not sure what to say other than I have both cameras as well.. Maybe it is just that I don't shoot in as low a light situations as u do. I rarely am in situations where I cannot find a something of decent contrast.