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    May 25, 2015
    Fremantle, Western Australia
    I appreciate we have a thread for industrial (industry) photography but it seems we do not have one for machinery so here goes. Please do share your machinery photos. For inspiration there is a similar thread at that you may wish to check out.

    To get the ball rolling so to speak here is a shot I took of a Hitachi EX1100 excavator in action working on the construction of an underwater rock mound. TAMS are working on the construction of an underwater rock mound to provide protection to the Fremantle rail bridge. The works include the installation of 14,500 tonnes of limestone and armour rock to form an underwater rock mound, designed to prevent vessels colliding with the bridge.

    This photo captures the dredge, Total Support and its mounted Hitachi EX1100 excavator in action placing rocks into the mound. I was quite intrigued by this work as there was no obvious way the operator could be seeing how the rock placement was going.

    36137251280_3f5180aaab_h.jpg Fremantle Rail Bridge Protection - Underwater Rock Mound {0817 01} by Andrew Priest (Aushiker), on Flickr
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    Sep 14, 2012
    P7230019.JPG Nice idea. Here some roadwork I went by when out on a bike ride.
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    Peter Tachauer
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    31794469314_9e654cc720.jpg 32514988701_b6cb1a91b8.jpg 31825534053_d2398dba6d.jpg 32637458425_5edb6408e1.jpg
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