Shooting with a close-up lens

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    May 13, 2013
    After deciding to keep the Fuji X-T1 (for now), I immediately had to deal with one consequence: no long macro lens (180 or 200mm). So I thought to give a close-up lens a try, in this case a Canon 500D. I had read good reports about it. My reasoning: I need AF for insects and alike. So I thought to use it with the Fuji 55-200mm lens.

    Shooting with closeup lenses requires some practice. You have to turn the focus ring to its closest focus point and then use your feet and/or arms to focus. So the idea to use it for butterflies, bees, etc. vanished. The decision was made to send the lens back.

    And then I made a mistake..... I wanted to compare the photos taken with the closeup lens with the zeiss 50mm macro lens (touit version). While changing lenses, I dropped the lens on a wooden floor. And now it is at the repair service.

    Anyway, here are some shots with the closeup lens for those considering to buy such a lens. These were all taken at f11, ISO200, tripod, and somewhere between 150mm and 200mm focal length.




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    You've got some very nice captures going on here! :smile:
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  3. Agreed.
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