Second Afternoon Walk with G7X

Discussion in 'Canon' started by swandy, Nov 10, 2014.

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    Nov 16, 2013
    Second afternoon out with the G7X. All shots are OOC JPEGs - playing with various settings and filter effects.

    Getting to like the little guy more and more. Have decided that under certain circumstances (like the bright afternoon light today) I do miss the EVF from the Stylus 1, but not enough to override the lovely smaller size/weight of the G7X.

    One thing I do miss is the ability (unless I missed a setting - really should RTFM) to use the center AF Point to lock AF and Exposure and then recompose the shot. Tried to take the shot with the two leaves with this technique (lock and recompose) and the camera would then refocus on the small space between the two leaves. Finally decided to try out the touch screen to lock the focus point (DUH) and used that on the churchyard shot with the white statue and also on the one with the small enclosed figurine.

    Thanks for looking and commenting, Steve

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