Scott Kelby's Lightroom 3

Discussion in 'The Watering Hole' started by christilou, Jul 16, 2011.

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    On a particularly bleak and rainy day I have received my copy of the above book from Pelao! Thank you very, very much. I've begun to read it already and I'm finding it FAR more accessible than the Martin Evening book residing on my bookshelf. There's nothing wrong with Mr Evening's book either, it's just a bit over my head :redface: THANKS Pelao :flowers_2:
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  2. BBW

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    Jul 7, 2010
    betwixt and between
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  3. Pelao

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    Jul 11, 2010
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    You are very welcome.

    I agree with your description of the book - it's accessible. The way it is laid it makes it very easy to get to grips with the application.

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  4. Country Parson

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    Lightroom 3 the missing FAQ by Victoria Bampton is also quite good and accessible.
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