Scenes at Charleston Harbor.

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  1. dalethorn

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    Two harbor scenes: #1 is a private pier about 1/2 mile from the public pier, and has been out of reach for me until this SX-720 made the scene. Just before sunset. #2 is an office dwelling on the far side of the harbor, 2-plus miles distant (so some distortion and/or fuzziness), just before sunset catching the sun's glow in the windows facing the sun.

    Canon SX720, f6.9, 1/25 sec. handheld braced, ISO 80.

    Canon SX720, f6.9, 1/8 sec. handheld braced, ISO 80.
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  2. Covey22

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    Feb 3, 2012
    You gotta love the reach on that camera.
  3. dalethorn

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    yeah - it's unique in some ways, but while the lens at full zoom is pretty sharp when shooting across a small-ish space, when objects are several hundred yards away the air and other things intervene. So I just relegate it to a "different view" that a person can get in an otherwise familiar place.
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    Jan 3, 2012
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    I totally agree. I find that superzooms offer their own special combo of attributes that relate to: (1) There's no such thing as too much reach (it's like too much fun, not possible), (2) there are a lot of times you can't zoom with your feet, and (3) a unique viewpoint not otherwise possible.

    Cheers, Jock
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  5. dalethorn

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    The first sunset has some sky, just after the Sun had set. The second image has no sky, just the reflections on the water.

    Canon SX720, f5.6, 1/200 handheld, ISO 80.

    Canon SX720, f6.9, 1/160 handheld, ISO 80.
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  6. dalethorn

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    I've wanted to shoot this several times, but was never satisfied with the results and I don't even know why. But it worked OK with the wide (17.4 mm equiv.) lens, even though my main interest was the resolution of the structures on the underside of the bridge going off into the distance - it goes straight out for 2+ miles until it curves to the left. The cargo ships are at least 2.5 miles away. There's no width cropping, but I binned the 27 mp Cortex app image down to 7.68 mp before cropping it vertically. I didn't have a tripod handy, so I used the Cortex "remove motion blur" feature.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Zeiss ExoLens, Cortex Camera App, daylight exposure.
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  7. dalethorn

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    I tried capturing this wetland view at high tide, which looks very impressive from the bridge 100 ft or so above the water, but not so impressive from ground level. This is my first attempt photographing this scene with the Zeiss ExoLens, and it reminds me why the iPhone is not a good landscape shooter - the foliage at medium distances of 200-400 yards is badly smeared. Adding to the problem was a high wind and the Cortex camera app, which combines multiple frames into one still image - the movement of branches and leaves in the wind means the multiple frames don't register perfectly with each other. Still, the overall look was what I wanted and the add-on lens performed perfectly.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Zeiss ExoLens, Cortex Camera App, daylight exposure.
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    I got my brand new ZS-100 back from repair. They said that "the lens was full of dust", so they replaced the whole lens unit under warranty, no questions asked. Seems to me that Panasonic has been having problems...

    Just another sunset, on Auto White Balance (no "scenes"), which the ZS-100 did well I thought.

    Panasonic ZS-100, f5.1, 2 seconds braced against a support, ISO 200.
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  9. dalethorn

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    Colombian Navy Training Ship (or so I was told).
    Canon SX720, f6.9, 1.6 seconds, ISO 80.
    The quality ain't good, from 2.5 miles across the water...

  10. dalethorn

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    A familiar theme, but with the Moon and Jupiter. Note that the glow adjoining the tower on its right side is the light beamed up from a spotlight at the base of the tower. The light on the darker part of the Moon is presumably Earthshine, which apparently is highly visible due to the overexposure of the Moon. The Moon crescent would normally get 1/60 second or so depending on aperture and ISO, so 5 seconds for the bridge is a 300x overexposure of the Moon - which looks OK here anyway.

    Panasonic ZS-100, f6.3, 5 seconds tripod, ISO 200.
  11. dalethorn

    dalethorn Guest

    A landscape with the iPhone 6s-plus, using the Cortex app that blends 20-plus frames into one, and using the Zeiss wide-angle iPhone lens (17.4 mm effective FL). The Cortex app is better than nothing, but still doesn't pull out any detail in the foliage from that tiny sensor.

    iPhone 6s-plus, Cortex app, Zeiss 0.6x wide lens, daylight exposure.
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    Just another sunset on the harbor...

    Panasonic ZS100, f5.9, 1/200 handheld, ISO 125.
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    More photos from the Fuji XP-90. I didn't realize the shutter speed was 1/12 second for the sunset image, since I was using regular Program mode. The content as it turned out was OK for that speed, with burst shooting. The bridge I've shot many times, but each time the colors vary, and this is my first with the XP-90, using the camera's 'Night' setting.

    Fuji XP90, f4.9, 1/12 sec. handheld, ISO 100..

    Fuji XP90, f4.4, 2.3 seconds tripod, ISO 400..
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  14. dalethorn

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    No. 1, sunset over river leading into Charleston harbor.
    No. 2, high tide in the marsh next to the river.

    Fuji XP90, f4.5, 1/45 sec. handheld, ISO 100.

    Fuji XP90, f4.9, 1/220 handheld, ISO 100.
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  15. dalethorn

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    This was taken shortly before sunset looking across the main river that flows into Charleston Harbor. This is the same river that's been in the news regarding deadly amoebas.

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