Saw my first Fuji X-Pro1 today

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by grebeman, May 28, 2014.

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    Whilst out on Dartmoor today carrying out my bird survey work I saw in the distance a photographer engaged in landscape photography with a tripod mounted, rather slim camera fitted with an obvious old fashioned thread cable release. Now thinks I, there aren't many modern cameras with a threaded cable release, but I do know one range, so as the gentleman came towards me I made enquires, and sure enough it was indeed a Fuji, the X-Pro1. He turned out to be a professional photographer who's normal everyday camera is a Hassleblad "something or other". He was on holiday and for choice when out and about non professionally uses his Fuji. I must say it certainly looked the part, all black, smartly finished and equiped with a form of add on grip. He said that once his Hassleblad malfunctioned and the Fuji came to the rescue. The client seemed blissfully unaware of the substitution. Whilst he reckoned to be able to tell the difference between the two outputs, in his opinion there wasn't a big difference between the two.

    He was quite interested to hear that I was using Sigma Merrills, a camera that had been on his radar, but he dismissed them on price versus features, though he said he'd been impressed with their image quality.

    Not quite sure what to make of my encounter with the Fuji :rolleyes: , certainly a very nice looking piece of kit and those aperture marked lenses, oh yes, that I do like, a proper camera!

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    There may be a few other makers who are putting some of the controls back on the lenses and proper dials atop the body. But the X-Pro1 is still the most proper looking camera with a sensor instead of film. I still miss mine.
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    you should be able to figure it out...
    Now if someone could stick a Sigma sensor in a Fuji body with Fuji operating characteristics and low light capabilities and make the files easily processed in Lightroom, the world would beat a path to their door. Or at least I would!

    I liked the X-Pro mostly for the OVF, but it was really only optimized for two lenses with varying degrees of semi-usability with a few others and none with others. Once the lens lineup evolved a bit, the non-OVF cameras with better EVFs became better alternatives for me. I wonder if the X-Pro 2 will do anything with the OVF other than improve the camera built around it?

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  4. My fantasy dream camera setup :D

    - Fuji back to basics menu and control layout
    - ovf/evf capability
    - Fuji size lenses w/ aperture ring not sd1m size lenses
    - af speed as good as m43 at least or xt1
    - high iso of the Fuji
    - foveon like sensor design whether Merrill or Quattro style

    I would be one happy camper. :D


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