[C&C] Saturday Project - Product Shoot of JBL Charge 2+

Discussion in 'Photo Critique' started by Tony Burns, Feb 27, 2016.

  1. Hi all! Here's the result of my Saturday morning project.


    Sony A6000; Sony FE 90mm Macro; 1/125 sec, f/16, ISO 100 (the EXIF is wrong, forgot to change it and the layer that had my separate 0.4 sec exposure for the illuminated icons was on top)


    The top of the subject was lit with an PCB Einstein E640 set to 42.9ws with an 8.5" reflector behind a homemade diffuser panel (Rosco #3008 on a 48"x48" frame made out of canvas stretcher strips).

    The end of the subject was lit with another Einstein set to 74.6ws with an 8.5" reflector to the left of the subject, behind another 48"x48" homemade diffuser panel.

    The front of the subject was lit by an Einstein set to 121.3ws with a 7" reflector and 10° grid, about 2' away from the subject.

    Looking forward to your CC!
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  2. Luke

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    I would kill to have your lighting set-up (and the knowledge of how to use it)
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