Samsung NX400 Rumors and Fuji Thoughts

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Biro, Jul 1, 2014.

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    Aug 7, 2011
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    I wasn't sure whether to post this under Samsung or Fuji but since the rumor is new, I posted it under Samsung. This from the Mirrorless Rumors site today...

    It sounds like it might be a nice camera. But the rumor about a version with an EVF has me thinking. As nice as Fuji's line of X cameras is and as nice as their traditional analogue controls are, it sounds like one of their big advantages - namely a built-in viewfinder - will be matched by much of the competition soon. Which means they may have to step it up in other areas to stay ahead in their niche. Autofocus performance would be one. Of course, Fuji still has that lovely line of lenses but many of the Samsung's are pretty nice as well. Thoughts?
  2. Luke

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    Nov 11, 2011
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    I'd be interested to see sales numbers for the NX400 vs the NX400EVF. I have bought cameras without viewfinders before, but only because that was the only choice for that particular camera. If I had the choice, I can't imagine NOT getting the viewfinder. But there are plenty I suppose who like working at arms length and would rather pocket the difference in price.
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    Aug 7, 2011
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    Amen. :thumbup:
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    ".... there are plenty I suppose who like working at arms length and would rather pocket the difference in price."

    Like me! As a strongly left-eyed spectacles wearer I became totally fed up with DSLRs designed for people who (a) use their right eye and (b) don't wear glasses. I've become so used to working without an EVF that it's second nature and I have no plans to spend money on something I don't want and won't use.
  5. Brian style

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    Jan 3, 2014
    Sounds like the NX400 would be like an A6000/NEX 6, where it would look a lot like the current NX300 but have the EVF in the corner.

    I like my NX300 but it definitely needs to be speedier with a better buffer. I'm thinking they'll put many of the guts of the upcoming NX1 into the NX400. Having an EVF version definitely makes them more attractive when going up against the competition!

    You guys know how I feel about the lenses though, Samsung needs more 1.4 glass ;)
  6. tecnoworld

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    Jul 3, 2014
    I've ben a NX user since early 2011, when I bought the nx100 with optional evf and a couple of lenses. Since then I bought more and more lenses, since they are very good and decently affordable. Unfortunately the newer bodies are not as good as the lenses. I own both nx200 and nx300, they don't have the option of an external evf and they are quite slow in operations and with tiny buffers. Nx30 is the same as nx300 (as to hw) but to gain the evf it has to be in a big and bulky unsexy DSLR like body. No way for me to be interested in such a form factor, otherwise I'd stay with DSLR.

    So if true this rumor will help the nx system a lot, and will be the only way to keep me with it for the time being.

    Other systems are very appealing and, in absence of a rangefinder like body for Samsung, there are both Fuji and Sony that have it.