Samsung NX1c: video oriented version

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    Jan 3, 2014
    full.jpg Okay okay, this is not an actual camera LOL! What this is was a thought that crossed my mind because of 1) the level of interest the NX1 has had from the video community, 2) Canon's Cinema line- like the 1Dc, and 3) the Sony A7s.

    I wondered what if Samsung decided to make a "cinema" version of the NX1? Would it generate more interest and sales with the primarily video oriented consumer?

    Those interested enough in the NX1 that they are willing to deal with the H.265 would probably really like:
    -a lower MP sensor (ie: Sony A7s). This would surely help noise where the NX1 doesn't do well and the smaller sensor of the GH4 is pretty universally considered superior at high ISO. The NX1 apparently does a full sensor readout that although technologically is considered pretty bad ass, it contributes to some issues, such as pretty horrible jello effect. The NX1 has some serious processing power but 28mp is just a ton of information to read. It would probably be able to REALLY fly with a 12-16mp sensor and only needed to handle about half the MPs ;) Of course, they could also resort to line skipping or other ingenious ways to get around making a new sensor if necessary but a lower MP count would no doubt help with jello and noise. Not to mention less heat generated and speed.
    -remove the 30min record limit (label as a camcorder for tax purposes if necessary) ;)
    -address a majority of "wish list" items video folks seem to have... although the desire for a speedbooster would require a special mount that could be removable/interchangeable to change the flange distance of the NX series. Probably too much work, just a wild idea LOL.
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